Municipal elections Harkimo, Harkimo, Harkimo – up to three members of the Harkimo family rose to the council in Uusimaa

The success of the Young Movement Now party in the municipal elections makes Hjallis Harkimo turn his attention to the 2023 parliamentary elections.

Movement Now a total of 49 candidates got through the municipal elections. Chairman who will rise to the Helsinki Council himself Harry “Hjallis” Harkimo is very satisfied with the result.

“It’s just amazing that even small municipalities got in. I am really pleased to be able to spread all over Finland, ”says Harkimo.

As expected, the chairman himself received the most votes, 4,317. He thanks Youtube for its popularity.

“It’s terribly big. All the people who come to talk to me say you have such good ideas in those videos. ”

Harkimon in the opinion of Movement Nyt’s budgets have been modest.

“We haven’t spent much money, so somehow we have had to get that visibility. It’s then done with blogs and some. ”

He also became a delegate in Helsinki Joel Harkimo is also visible on social media. In addition to his candidacy, he has served as Marketing Manager at Liike Nyt.

As new Hjalliksen’s brother went into politics as a consideration Roy Harkimo, who got through in Sipoo. He gained visibility from his brother, but also gained it himself.

“Broid had an ingenious thing: he got an awful lot of friends on Sipoo’s Facebook page, and then started posting political stuff,” says Hjallis Harkimo of his brother’s campaign.

In addition, Roy Harkimo campaigned on the street along with other candidates from Liike Nyt.

“They were in markets and markets every day, and glued ads to all the poles.”

Only According to the chairman, the success of the approximately one-and-a-half-year-old Movement Nyt in the municipal elections bodes well for the parliamentary elections.

“It’s a completely different situation the next time we go to the polls.”

Harkimo himself sees the party’s popularity stemming from Movement Nyt’s loose organization, open line and desire to group politics.

“People are excited that there is no political ideology here, and citizens or local residents are being asked for their views.”

What about What will the Movement Now be driving in Helsinki with three delegates? Harkimo says it will only be confirmed in the future.

“Negotiations will begin on Friday, and we will start crossing the line.”

Harkimo himself enthusiastically criticizes the Kruunuvuori bridge project, but immediately states that it is his own idea, and not the party’s position.

However, the expanding costs of construction projects are something that Business Now, according to Harkimo, could raise.

“I can’t understand how all Helsinki’s construction projects are expanding. The project will cost 400 million, and suddenly the next day it will cost 800. Construction costs will be 1.2 billion. ”

What about is the President following even more Thoughts into politics? The answer is laughter.

“Not if those boys don’t leave.”

In boys, Harkimo refers to his younger 16- and 19-year-old sons. The youngest of them is reportedly more interested in politics.

“He sits and watches all the broadcasts I’m involved in and plays as soon as something happens. However, I am not yet involved. ”

On election night Harkimo told HS that the next goal is clear: next, the party will set a target for the 2023 parliamentary elections.

“This creates a good foundation for those elections.”



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