Municipal elections From Minja Koskela, who was nominated for the first time, the Left Alliance’s rake in Helsinki: “I am stunned”

“It’s a really great and wonderful feeling,” Koskela said on the phone on Sunday shortly before the final results were announced.

13.6. 21:26 | Updated 7:46

Left Alliance nominated for the first time in municipal elections Minja Koskela, 33, garnered 5,600 votes in Helsinki, making him the party’s candidate with the most votes in the capital.

“I’m embarrassed,” Koskela told Helsingin Sanomat on the phone before the final results were announced on Sunday.

“It’s a really great and great feeling. I couldn’t expect anything when I was nominated for the first time. I really hoped I could get through and work on the things I’ve talked about. ”

Koskela also commented on the avalanche on Twitter.

To Koskela Related themes include climate change, education, public services and the arts and culture.

Koskela, known as a vocal feminist, was drawn to the only representative of the feminist party in Helsinki. Katju Aron to fate: Aro lost his place.

Former chairman of the Left Alliance Paavo Arhinmäki was clearly behind Koskela: Arhinmäki received 4,325 votes.

Jussi Saramo, 1st Vice-Chairman of the Left Alliance, congratulated Minja Koskela.



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