Municipal elections For the spring municipal elections, advance voting places for Töölö Race Hall and Malmi Shopping Center Nova

The city originally designed tent and container solutions to expand polling stations. However, compliance with the electoral law and corona security could be jeopardized in them, according to the agenda of the city government.

Spring It is planned to establish advance voting points for the municipal elections in Töölö Race Hall and the Malmi Nova shopping center.

The city government will decide on the matter at its meeting on Monday. The city government decided on advance polling places in December, but due to the coronavirus, it has been decided to set up more places.

The Ministry of Justice has issued an instruction on advance polling stations to prevent congestion. According to it, a sufficient number of advance voting places must be established and in different parts of the municipality so that voters are distributed as evenly as possible among the different places.

Town’s the goal was originally to expand advance polling stations with tent and container solutions. However, according to the city government’s proposal, this option has proved difficult to implement.

Tent and container solutions should also meet all the requirements of the Electoral Code. The proposal states that, given Finland’s varying weather conditions, accessibility and corona safety, it is uncertain whether the requirements of the Election Act will be met in tents and containers.

For example, ballot papers must not get wet, printers and other technology must be reliable in all circumstances, and the polling station must be spacious enough to guarantee election secrecy and security intervals. According to the Election Act, there must be enough space in the advance voting room for those voters who are waiting their turn to get to vote. waiting in containers and tents would take place outdoors, which according to the city government could be difficult, especially for older and disabled voters;

Instead of tent and container solutions, the city government has therefore decided to add new polling stations indoors to Kisahalli and Malmi Nova. The city has also agreed with advance polling stations on the longest possible opening hours.

There are 36 advance voting places, and, as in previous years, there are, for example, libraries and shopping centers. Advance voting will take place from 7 to 13 April.

Advance voting places in the municipal elections 2021

Libraries: Arabianranta, Etelä-Haaga, Itäkeskus, Jakomäki, Oodi, Kontula, Laajasalo, Lauttasaari, Malmi, Oulunkylä, Paloheinä, Pasila, Pitäjänmäki, Pohjois-Haaga, Tapulikaupunki, Suutarila, Töölö, Vallila, Vuosaari

Shopping centers: Citycenter, Hertsi, Kaari, Kamppi, Malmin Nova, Redi, Ristikko, Ruoholahti, Munkkivuori

Residential and youth houses: Maunula House, Asukastalo Mlläri, Viikki Youth House, Vuotalo

Kallio office building, City Hall

Töölön race hall


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