Municipal elections “Espoo residents move by car” – HS went through the parties’ election machine answers in Espoo, this is how the groups really differ

Espoo the parties are now strongly in favor of nearby nature, village schools and looser construction.

Many of the candidates in the ruling parties are in favor of loosening zoning, preserving the school network and preserving the surrounding nature instead of housing in their HS election machine responses.

The views of the parties have been calculated from the averages of the candidates’ responses. There can be many different opinions within one party.

One An important election theme in Espoo has been housing construction and its spread to natural areas.

The densification of the city and the destruction of small nearby nature sites under housing construction has raised concerns among residents. New residential blocks have begun to rise along the metro line, which has highlighted the confrontation between nature and construction more and more clearly.

At the same time, zoning has progressed to new areas. The latest case is the master plan blessing the construction of the northern parts of Espoo, which has aroused a lot of concern among the residents.

Concerns led politicians to ease the efficiency of building the formula at the last minute.

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Perhaps the concern of the residents has also aroused politicians, as there are now many candidates from all the ruling parties on the side of the near nature. The HS election machine presents a number of allegations to Espoo candidates on the subject. One of them reads as follows:

“If zoning decisions have to weigh on increasing housing construction and easy access for local residents to the surrounding nature, priority must be given to housing construction.”

All the ruling parties in Espoo disagree somewhat or very much disagree with the statement.

The Coalition Party and the Basic Finns do not take the position as strongly as, for example, the Greens, the SDP, the RKP and the Left Alliance.

Saman there can be a wide range of views within the party, and the Coalition Party also has many defenders of housing construction.

Coalition Party candidate Joel Vanhanen quite agrees that housing should be given priority when nature and construction come into conflict.

This is how Vanhanen justifies his view:

“In urban centers, dense and tall construction also leaves more space for the surrounding nature, as the houses do not take up so much space in the latitudinal direction.”

Several candidates are specifically opposed to apartment building and nature. Small houses are not seen as a similar threat to nature.

Downtown municipal candidate Seppo Salo considers especially dense and high-rise apartment buildings to be a devastation of nearby nature.

“The majority of the residents live here because the nearby forests are within walking distance, there is room and safety. If the decision-makers destroy our neighborhood, we have to move to the frame municipalities.”

Can be found differences between parties. Especially on issues related to taxation, public services and transport, the parties disagree with each other.

The Coalition Party and basic Finns are more supportive of other cuts in public services than tax increases. They also shrink tax increases.

The Greens, the SDP and the Left Alliance, on the other hand, are prepared to raise the tax rate rather than cut services.

Left Alliance City Councilor Kari Uotila advocates higher taxes rather than cutting services.

“Taxes are collected according to ability to pay, but the cuts are targeted at those who have the most difficulty anyway,” Uotila explains in the election machine.

Christian Democrat City Councilor and Member of Parliament Antero Laukkanen disagrees. He believes that with planning and guidance, it is possible to maintain services without tax increases.

“Our tax rate is already high enough, we don’t need any more taxes,” Laukkanen writes in the election machine.

Transport and the relationship with private motoring raises even clearer dividing lines.

In Espoo, there is a strong car party behind the official political groupings, and the public transport party has clearly risen alongside it. Both violate traditional party boundaries, as many parties have defenders of both private motoring and public transport.

The HS election machine has a number of traffic issues. The questions concern general principles as to whether public transport or private cars should be favored, but there are also two questions about parking.

Greens and left-wing candidates are more likely to defend public transport – the Coalition Party, the Basic Finns, the Christian Democrats and the center are more reluctant to defend the interests of private motoring.

Only Sdp has scatter. The party advocates some free parking and is not very enthusiastic about reducing parking spaces when it comes to housing construction.

However, public transport also has strong support in the party.

Espoo candidate Sara Al Husaini (sd) considers the opportunities for private cars in Espoo to be already good.

“Public transport must be developed in such a way that Espoo enables even better use of public transport and thus we can also reduce emissions,” Husaini writes in his election machine response.

Basic Finns is possibly the most car-friendly of the council parties. This is particularly evident in the fact that there is no desire to give up the benefits of motoring.

City councilor, MP Arja Juvonen (ps) believes that the requirement for parking spaces should never be waived in Espoo.

“Espoo residents move by car,” Juvonen explains in the election machine

The Greens, the SDP, the Left Alliance and the RKP disagree.

Councilor Eva-Lena Gästrin (r) attaches importance to the provision of public transport.

“Espoo’s public transport must be invested in so that it really is an alternative to motoring.”

The Greens justify the waiving of the parking requirement, for example, on the grounds that housing prices would remain reasonable when the construction of expensive parking spaces would not flow into housing prices.

The party also has a desire to pass on the cost of motoring more and more clearly to motorists.

This is what the Green candidate justifies Kimmo Kyrölä:

“Yes, the market makes sure that there are enough parking spaces. At the same time, space can be freed up from storing cars for many other things.”

Parking has become a topic of conversation after the city started a parking experiment in the spring, in which some of the parking spaces in Leppävaara, Matinkylä and Tapiola were made chargeable.

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HS: n the election machine highlighted the parties’ desire to support village schools. The issue is topical, as new city councilors may well have to decide the fate of small schools.

Espoo’s new austerity program was approved by most political groups in the autumn, and included the goal of gradually moving to larger and larger schools in the city’s schools. This probably means pressure to close some small schools.

However, based on the election machine responses, the intentions do not receive very strong support, even from the Coalition Party of Espoo’s largest party.

Some candidates consider it important to put money into teaching instead of walls. There were also candidates who considered it important to have a reasonable trip to school.

“The local school principle is a good starting point. The smaller the schoolchild, the more important it is to be close to the school,” writes the city councilor and MP. Mia Laiho (kok).

The Greens, Sdp, Rkp, Basic Finns and the Left Alliance are very clearly in favor of maintaining the school network. The Greens and Demars, for example, valued getting to school on foot or by bike.

“Because the distances here are long, the school network cannot be based on large school centers. You have to get to the local school on foot or by bike ”, Hannele Kerola (sd) write.



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