Municipal elections Election day started calmly in Tampere, but a few exceptional situations are promised – the city is preparing for the last hours

The peaceful start is thought to be due to advance voting, with an exceptional number of people voting. Tampere has also prepared for a few quarantine votes.

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On election day, Tero Mikkola arrived at Aleksanteri School in Tampere to vote. Mikkola still has to travel to Helsinki to work, but plans to follow the results when he arrives.

Saara Nyystilä Aamulehti


Election day began in Tampere in a very peaceful way. Only a few dozen visited the polling station at Alexander School during the first hours.

“In the past, there has even been a queue in the first hour. People may have come in as many as 100 hours,” says Tampere City Electoral Committee 3, vice-chairman. Satu Maijala.

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