Municipal elections Basic Finns rejoice at the success in the HS poll: “Quite a lot of things will change in Vantaa if we win”

President Tomi Salin has already ordered more sausages for the election tents.

Fresh HS-Gallup promises basic Finns in Vantaa a big win in the municipal elections. In a survey conducted by the research institute Kantar TNS, 20 per cent of the respondents supported basic Finns.

With this support, the Basic Finns would be overtaking one of Vantaa’s ancient ruling parties, ie the leadership of the Coalition Party and the Social Democrats can fit into the margin of error of the Gallupt result.

Chairman of the Board of Basic Finns in Vantaa Tomi Salin (ps) points out that already in February, in an interview with HS, he estimated that Vantaa’s number one place was not impossible.

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Salin has just ordered 600 more sausages for frying sausages in the election tents, as the original thousand pieces have already gone. The hustle and bustle of the election tents has been such that interest rate restrictions have had to be constantly reminded.

“Quite a few things will change in Vantaa if we win. Cultural change is expected. And, of course, the Vantaa tram goes on ice, ”Salin estimates.

Basic Finns have had difficulty in getting their supporters to vote in various elections. Salin believes that now people are really exercising their right to vote.

The party’s promotional videos have emphasized the importance of voting, because on the couch at home, nothing changes.

Coalition Party Chairman of the Board Group Sakari Rokkanen (Kok) The first thought when reading about the gallupt result was that Vantaa now has three big parties, between which there is a tight race for a spike.

So far, the political history of the city has been in the hands of two great ones, the Coalition and the Demar.

Another idea was concern about the decline in turnout. It is unfortunate for democracy if more than half of those eligible to vote abstain.

However, Rokkanen believes in the Coalition’s traditional ability to fight.

“Only in the dictionary does success come before work,” says Rokkanen.

Social Democrats head of the council group Minna Räsänen (sd) has been following with concern the turnout in advance voting, with Vantaa dragging a couple of percentage points below the national average.

“I sincerely hope people really go to the polls. Advance voting has now also been made so easy, ”says Räsänen.

He does not believe that the demarers’ leading position in Vantaa is under threat, even though the Basic Finns are chasing after him.

“However, there are a lot of people in our constituency, so I wonder if the output of Jussi Halla-aho’s last one wouldn’t inspire them. Weakening working conditions make people think about their own position, ”says Räsänen.

In his keynote address at the end of May, Halla-aho indicated that there was a need for reform in unemployment protection, redundancy protection and the universality of collective agreements.

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