Movies Will Cabin No. 6 win the Golden Palm? The grand prizes of the Cannes Film Festival will be handed out tonight, HS follows

The Golden Palms and other grand prizes at the Cannes Film Festival will be awarded on Saturday. From Finland’s point of view, the awards gala is exceptionally exciting.


Golden Palm Trees and other prizes in the main competition series of the Cannes Film Festival will be handed out on Saturday night. The gala starts at about 20.30 Finnish time.

From Finland’s point of view, this year’s award gala is exceptionally exciting, as the Golden Palm, or Palme d’Or, is competing Juho Kuosmanen guided Cabin No. 6. It is very rare for a Finnish film to reach the main competition series in Cannes. Last time he got there Aki Kaurismäki Le Havre with his film 2011.

Golden palm has never been received in Finland. The closest was again Kaurismäki in 2002 Man without a past movie. It won the festival’s so-called second prize, the Grand Prix, at the time.

Cabin No. 6 is in great company, as the 24 films in the main competition series feature novelties from many prestigious directors, such as Asghar Farhadilta, From Jacques Audiard, From Wes Anderson and Apichatpong from Weerasekul.

Golden in addition to the palm, the Grand Prix and the special jury prize, which is considered the third prize, will also be awarded at the closing gala. In addition, awards will be given for best direction and script, as well as for best female and male actress.

The awards will be decided this year by the director-screenwriter-producer Spike Leen led by a jury. Its other members are the director Mati Diop, singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer, actor-director Maggie Gyllenhaal, actor-screenwriter Jessica Hausner, actor-director Mélanie Laurent, director-producer Kleber Mendonça Filho as well as Actors Tahar Rahim and Song Kang-ho.

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