Movies The film about the Helsinki Olympic winners has become very popular in the Czech Republic

A biographical film about runner Emil Zátopek was planned for years, and originally filming had also been considered for the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Endurance runner and Olympic champion Emil Zátopekista The new film has become very popular in the Czech Republic.

A fictional but real – life runner – called Zátopek – has broken Korona-era viewer records and it is interesting that Helsinki has a significant role in the film.

This weekend, the film also cleared the table at the Czech Film Awards, the entertainment industry says. Variety.

The kissing of Emil Zátopek and his wife Dana at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium in 1952 is a famous sports photo. Kissing is also featured in the new film.

Movie won a total of eight Lion Awards over the weekend, one of which went to director David Ondříčekille as well as the principal Václav Neužilille.

At the same time, the film was awarded as the best Czech film of the year. At the turn of the year, the film also aspired to the Oscars as a representative of the Czech Republic, but did not receive a nomination.

Biographical film Zatopek (1922–2000) was prepared for years, and the lead actor, for example, has said he has been preparing for the role for at least four years. At one point, filming was also planned for Helsinki and especially for the Olympic Stadium.

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HS has already reported on the cancellation of that plan in the year 2015.

Ready the film also deals with Zátopek’s participation in the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. The Czech runner, then nicknamed “Satupekka” in Finland, won three gold medals in Helsinki, including a marathon run.

Emil Zátopek running the marathon in Helsinki in 1952.

The runner’s wife Dana Zátopkováa in the film presents Martha Issová. Zátopkova was also the Olympic winner at the Helsinki Olympics. His species was a spear.

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