Movies Seidi Haarla will be awarded as one of the ten actresses in Europe – the jury was impressed by the performance in the film Cabin No. 6

The jury of the Shooting Stars program liked Haarla’s intuitive and sincere performance in the lead role of Cabin No. 6.

Finnish actor Seidi Haarla will be awarded today as a breakthrough film star at the Shooting Stars Gala in Berlin.

Each year, European Film Promotion (EFP) nominates ten young actors from across Europe who make international breakthroughs in their careers.

“The idea is to select rising actors for the program who have an internationally interesting film coming. It is an achievement to get into the program,” says the Communications Manager of the Finnish Film Foundation. Reetta Hautamäki.

The Finnish Film Foundation is a member of EFP and supports the Shooting Stars program.

Rewardable Seidi Haarla is known for TV series, among other things after the storm and Servants of silence as well as from the movie The question of habituation. Haarla has the main part Juho Kuosmanen in a drama directed by Cabin No. 6, which is competing this year in the Cannes Film Festival competition series.

The Jury of the Shooting Stars program liked Haarla’s intuitive and sincere performance Cabin No. 6 in the lead role.

The ten actor talents found by EFP are usually presented in February at the Berlin Film Festival. As the event could not be organized as a physical festival at the beginning of the year, the Shooting Stars Gala was moved to Berlin’s summer program.

Actors selected for the Shooting Stars program will be introduced to the international film industry and will have access to, among other things, actors working in international productions.

“The hope is that thanks to this program, they will get more international job opportunities,” says Hautamäki from the Finnish Film Foundation.

In the past, the Shooting Stars title has been awarded, for example Laura Birn and Emmi Parviainen.

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