Movies Ryan Reynolds has risen to become one of the world’s most popular actors – Now he is starring in a feature film about a pandemic surgeon

Ryan Reynolds is the star of the action-packed action guy Free Guy.

Still life is like a movie Truman Show. Bank clerk Guy finds out that he is the character in the video game – and only in the insignificant side role of the story.

The chain of events makes Guy a potential hero within the game. In the real world, the game makers are alarmed and try to undo the disruption they have made possible in a semi-accidental way, that is, Guy’s freedom.

Shawn Levyn directed by Free Guy is a clever action adventure with an emphasis on speed and a digitally enhanced world that is always eye-catching for gaming and popular culture. On the other hand, it’s one of Disney’s first pandemic big screen premieres. It has a lot on its shoulders: Free Guy is also the first major Hollywood comedy to be released throughout Korona.

“We live in a really weird time and a lot happens all the time. Yesterday’s events seem to be as long as the 1980s, ”says the star of the film Ryan Reynolds remotely from Free Guy Press Day in California.

“I guess self-aware humor is a good fit for this moment.”

Reynolds has become one of the world’s most popular film actors in just a few years. Success has been fueled especially by those who utilize parody and furious humor Deadpoolsuperhero movies. They have also received a total of almost half a million viewers in Finland.

Ranked in the game world Free Guy offers authors the opportunity to refer to other games and movies. Deadpool, too direction is a wink.

“Self-irony is an opportunity to practice mental judo with its own uncertainties,” Reynolds says.

The story the meta-level offers more than just winks for game lovers. A bit like At the Truman Show, where Jim Carreyn the protagonist realizes that he is just a pawn in an entertainment program made for others, too Free Guyssa is a touch of genuine existential anxiety.

They play game programmers Jodie Comer and Stranger Things known from the series Joe Keery as well as their boss as a cult-renowned filmmaker Taika Waititi. The trio is responsible for a situation where a digital character becomes a personality.

“Shawn Levy’s films are united by the fact that they have a heart,” Keery says remotely.

“Here, the recipe is to balance action, comedy and emotion. This is like Truman Show and Ready Player One would have a child that the educator loves Back to the Future movies. ”

Steven Spielbergin directed by Ready Player One told of the dystopian world of the future, from which everyone capable of clawing will escape to the virtual world to play or just be.

Free Guyn the core is in the mixing of identities. What if in a sufficiently advanced game it is difficult to distinguish between the character played by a person and the artificial intelligence characters in the game?

Free Guy however, does not throw very far Matrix-type philosophy, even more viscous ideas into the air in the midst of action.

When director Shawn Levy emphasizes that this film is not cynical, he seems to make a difference to the roots Deadpoolmovies.

“We’ve all sometimes experienced living in a loop where the days just repeat each other, or that we’re background characters in someone else’s story. But what if you just stopped living in the background or paid little attention to those other background characters, ”Levy ponders.

According to the director Free Guy not to mention the game world.

“It’s about how you strive to live your own life.”

Ryan Reynolds does not spare his words but informs Free Guyn to be even the best film he has starred in.

“This is a joy pill for lovers of popular culture, and there won’t be any too early in this difficult time.”



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