Movies New Pixar fairy tale set in 1960s Italy: Director Enrico Casarosa wanted to tell a story that makes you forget your worries

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Disney owned by Pixar makes unique animated films that are united by high quality. Not only do Pixar’s films tend to nominate for Oscars, they often also win the Best Animated Film award.

New Pixar movie Luca will only premiere on Disney + Live on June 18 due to the pandemic. The film takes place in a small Italian town at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s. The protagonists are children, or not anyway. Luca and Alberto are sea monsters who should not go ashore. However, life on earth is starting to attract, after all, ice cream, Vespos and girls.

Instructor giving a remote interview from Los Angeles Enrico Casarosa compare storytelling to sculpture.

“When I presented my ideas at Pixar for the first time, the actual story was still invisible,” he says.

“I knew I was talking about a world of children’s experiences. I was thinking about movies Stand By Melast summer and Fillarijengi. I was thinking about summer. ”

A fairy tale about sea monster boys developed over the years. At the same time, a bittersweet tone crystallized. As is typical of Pixar, Luca’s story bites just as much, but in different ways for adults and children. It’s about finding and accepting yourself.

“For me, the most nostalgic and attractive thing is play. Could I take the adults into a state of mind where they throw themselves into the world of play for hours,” Casarosa ponders.

“Could I tell a story that makes you forget your worries?”

Directed by Enrico Casarosa in 2012.

Childhood on the Italian Riviera

Enrico Casarosa spent his childhood in the port city of Genoa. The director, born in 1971, placed the film’s childhood stick twenty years earlier than his own time.

“When I looked at photos of my own childhood, scanty swimsuits and tube socks, I wondered if I really love the 1980s so much that I put my film there,” he says with a laugh.

The chosen era was advocated by music and movies. Luca has direct references Federico Fellinin controls.

“The design of the objects was also the best. The Vespa is the most beautiful object ever.”

The venue is an imaginary coastal village where fishing is still an important industry and the era of tourism has not yet begun. The visual framework was sought from villages in the Cinque Terre area.

“Now that I think about it, investing in the 1960s makes the film really timeless. It’s not far in history, but not too close to this day.”

A fan of Miyazaki

Even Fellini more inspiring Casaros Hayao Miyazakin movies. In the works of the Japanese animation master, he especially admires the description of nature as well as the child’s world of experience.

“I fell in love with Miyazaki’s art even before I knew who the author was. His television series were shown in Italy when I was a child.”

When Casarosa saw Miyazaki’s movie Laputa: castle in the sky, he recognized the handprint. After all, the author was the same as in the familiar TV series Future Boy Conan.

“I have now had the good fortune to meet Miyazaki and I showed him my short film La Luna. ”

Also in the Oscar nomination In La Luna appeared Italo Calvinon effect. Casarosa praises an Italian writer known for his philosophical fantasies.

“Calvino was a must-read for us at school. I liked the text, but it wasn’t until I moved to the United States that I realized how deeply it affected me,” the instructor says.

“When something is taken for granted, its importance may not become apparent until the time or geographic distance is reached.”

In Luca, the venue is an imaginary coastal village where fishing is still an important industry and the era of tourism has not yet begun.

Disney is investing in its streaming service

Hollywood of the big companies, Disney has made the fiercest moves to promote streaming during the pandemic. It launched its own monthly Disney + service in the first regions in 2019 and in much of the world, such as Finland, in the fall of 2020.

Disney has streamed a number of high-budget movies that were supposed to come for distribution using the traditional formula, first for big screens and then for home viewing. Other Hollywood studios have preferred to postpone premieres hopeful of an end to the corona pandemic.

New Disney animated films have premiered on Disney + Mulan, Raya and the last dragon and the productions of the Pixar subsidiary Soul and now Luca.

Cinemas ticket revenue is the single most important source of revenue for large productions. Disney animation budgets for the whole family are often € 100-200 million. While ticket revenue will not be received, for an entertainment giant funding their own projects, the pattern makes sense.

With attractive innovations, Disney + has gained a much more stable foothold than expected. In April, the service already had 103 million subscribers, and the company expects the number of subscribers to rise to 230-260 million in three years. Thus, digitalisation is now even the most important band in the revenue of film productions, and Disney became Netflix’s most significant competitor in the streaming industry.

Luca, on Disney + live since June 18.



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