Movies | Kaurismäki’s producer on the Cannes award: “For Aki, it doesn’t really matter”

The Finnish film Dead Leaves won an award at Cannes. Producer Misha Jaari comments on the atmosphere fresh from HS.

“Spectacular atmosphere”, says the producer Misha Jaari to HS right after the Cannes Film Festival awards ceremony. Jaari was the director Aki Kaurismäki Dead leaves as a producer in the film.

The film won the Prix du jury at Saturday night’s awards ceremony. Producer Jaari says that he is also relieved after the award ceremony.

“These are nice refreshments, but it’s always exciting to see what prize comes out of it. Then when you know that, it’s a relief,” says Jaari.

About the awards chairman of the deciding jury Ruben Östlund emphasized on Saturday evening that the festival was of a very high standard.

Despite that, Kaurismäki and Dead leaves winning the Prix du jury may seem like a disappointment if you expected Kaurismäki to win the most important award, i.e. the main award, the Golden Palm.

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The Prix du jury is the festival’s so-called bronze medal. Kaurismäki already has a Grand Prix from Cannes, i.e. the festival’s second prize.

“Recognition was hoped for and it was received”, Jaari assesses the significance of the recent award.

When Jaari is asked what is the significance of the award for the future of the group of authors, the producer divides the answer into two parts.

“Let’s just say that for Aki, the prize doesn’t really matter. Aki is already a well-known export product and also successful domestically,” says Jaari.

“This doesn’t change much for him, but for the rest of us, for example our production company Bufo, this really means a lot.”

Kaurismäki has already received several important recognitions: his film has been nominated for an Oscar, won second prize at Cannes in 2002, and received the best director award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2017.

Supervisor-screenwriter Kaurismäki himself was not seen at Saturday’s award ceremony.

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“He just couldn’t make it. That’s all there is to it,” Jaari said.

Kaurismäki had already flown from Cannes to Finland on Wednesday. The film was presented at the world premiere before that on Monday.

Jaari also repeated the message that Aki Kaurismäki conveyed the actor Alma Pöystin in the short thank-you speech at the award ceremony.

It’s great to be a part of Cannes, because film is appreciated at the festival, Kaurismäki said.

“It’s an honor to be involved in Cannes, that’s Aki’s message,” Jaari said.

The short speech of thanks ended with the words: “twist and shout.”

Awards party After, the actors of Kolleiden lehti briefly answered the questions of the international media.

Among other things, the actors emphasized how Kaurismäki is a man of few words. “However, they are well chosen”, said Alma Pöysti and referred to the director’s succinct award speech.

According to Pöyst, Kaurismäki is very happy and grateful for the award.

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“We really enjoyed the festival and met a lot of warm-hearted people”, stated Jussi Vatanen.

Lumière– theater after the awards ceremony Dead leaves the working group plans to continue celebrating on the night of Cannes with some of the festival’s “bunch snacks”.

In addition to the producers and main actors, the staff of the Bufo and Sputnik production companies that produced the film, as well as people related to the film’s sales, will be taking part in the celebration. He was the second producer in the film Mark Lwoff.

However, producer Jaari is not going to celebrate until the morning.

“Now the jacket is empty,” says Jaari.

“We already came here on Tuesday of last week.”

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