Movies Juho Kuosmanen after the Cannes Grand Prix: “First for dinner, then we run with the group to swim in the sea”

HS reached Cabin No. 6 director Juho Kuosmanen late Saturday night after the awards gala at the Cannes Film Festival.


Film director Juho Kuosmanen, what is the state of being now?

“Unreal, I thought first. But then I started thinking that there are many kinds of realities, and they can be so strange … In the cross-wave of realities, we are here and wondering, ”Kuosmanen, who was reached by HS by phone late Saturday night, tries to describe.

Cabin No. 6, directed by Kuosmanen, was a great success at the Cannes Film Festival. The film selected for the main competition series won the second highest award of the entire festival, the Grand Prix, at Saturday’s closing gala. The award was shared Cabin for No. 6 as well as Iranian Asghar Farhadin To Ghahreman or A Herolle.

Or shared a spot with a two-time Oscar winner, and left behind numerous heavy-duty film directors. There is enough cause for pride. However, Kuosmanen throws himself modestly.

“After all, the significance of the awards is always in the fact that a certain film gets attention. It’s not so much about who made the best film, but whose film you want to raise, ”he says.

“I’m really happy that our film was perceived as something that deserves attention. As a director, I don’t have a name in the same way as even Farhad or Wes Anderson. And while we have the best Actors in the world, we don’t have the kind of stars to get the film’s attention. Gaining more attention with such an award is really significant and important. ”

Cabin No. 6 has been described outside Finland, produced in co-operation with other countries and its author group includes people from different countries. In the same way, long Finnish films selected for other Cannes performances were also international productions Guled & Nasra / The Gravedigger’s Wife mixed Invisible Demons -document.

Could bold internationality help to open up new opportunities for Finnish films to enter arenas like Cannes?

“Any kind of opening up does good and film in general is, in my opinion, a universal language, it doesn’t follow national boundaries. I am pleased that even a Finnish film comes out of such a closet of its own. And already in the process of starting to communicate with the citizens of other countries, ”says Kuosmanen.

“At least that doesn’t do any harm to domestic cinema.”

Fair a week ago In an interview in Cannes Kuosmanen said that his candidacy for the Golden Palm at the film festival was certainly great for him, but “at the same time somehow ordinary”.

“Everything that happens to yourself becomes ordinary. There is such a strange contradiction in that, ”Kuosmanen said at the time.

Has the second prize of Cannes already become a regular thing for him?

“In a way: for example, after the awards ceremony, we were stuck for a while in a freight elevator that was moving towards photography sessions. There was a very mundane mood in the fight with the door of the freight elevator, ”he says.

“But that normality doesn’t mean things get somehow dilute.”

What about what does Kuosmanen intend to do on Saturday night in Cannes after the gala, before returning to Finland?

“I think we’ll go to dinner first and then run with the gang to swim in the sea.”



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