Movies Hollywood studio finances Jalmari Helander’s film about the Lapland War – distribution rights acquired almost all over the world

The creators of Rare Exports promise an international action film.

Jalmari Helanderin the next work is set in the Lapland War Go. Jorma Tommila plays Adam Korpe, who became a gold digger after the Continuation War, fighting a treasure he found with an SS destruction patrol.

“This is an action film where I haven’t had to censor myself, I can let go,” Helander says.

The screenwriter-director is known for his functional and comedic Rare Exports and Big Gamesta. Unlike Helander’s previous films, Inside there is no protagonist.

According to Helander, the film has only a couple of things in common with the real Lapland war.

“Year and venue. The film is being made for the international market again. The main naza presents, among other things Peaky Blinders well-known British from the series Paul Anderson. ”

Both Finnish and at least one foreign actor will be announced later in the roles of Germans. It fits the genre that the Nazis in the film speak English.

Go described in Lapland in September – October. Although Helander’s previous films were located in Finnish Lapland, he is now making his film in his home country for the first time.

“I have had a dream to make an action film in Finland since I was ten years old. As a little older, I realized how expensive it is to make an action film,” says the director.

“Financing a Finnish action film was an absurd idea for a long time. But now we are living in a time and I am in my career in a situation where a big Finnish action film is possible.”

Global there is credit for the project at the top of the film business. Acquired by Sony Pictures Sisun distribution rights worldwide except for the Nordic countries. The agreement is unique in the history of Finnish cinema.

“There have not been many such deals in which Hollywood Studio funds a significant part of the film based on the script, and none in Finland,” says Sisun producer Petri Jokiranta.

Sisun the budget has not been published. The film is also funded by the Finnish Film Foundation and Business Finland. Descriptions in Lapland bring a lot of money to the area. The working group is completely Finnish.

“It didn’t matter to Sony that the film was made in Finland,” says Jokiranta.

According to him, Helander’s view combines respect for Finnish perseverance, the features of a war film and the atmosphere of a Western film created by the fells of Lapland.

“The audience coming to watch the action movie gets what they want. There are chases, battles and explosions,” says Jokiranta.

Disrespectful bastards meets Revenant is one angle at which this has been presented to the world. ”

Sisun upon completion at the end of 2022 Big Gamen the premiere is eight years old. In between, Helander has done commercials, television series, and prepared a few projects with Jokiranta.

The most advanced was a science fiction film that was supposed to be filmed in Canada last year. Then Korona struck.

“The unfinished projects have an apocalyptic action film, a comedy thriller – there are so many that it will take to list. One of my scripts has been opted for in the United States. The others are blanks that can still be drawn,” Helander says.

The manuscript sold to the United States is not directed by Helander himself.

Go was born of intuition. After a failed Canadian project, Helander squeezed the script in a few months.

“I thought if I didn’t do something cool now, I would never make movies again. Go was born in gloomy waters. ”

Waiting for the start of production, Helander is happy.

“I can say I’m back.”



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