Movies Hannu-Pekka Björkman is a favorite of HS readers as the new Commissioner Palm: “You should create something completely new and your own”

“Oh, good whip,” Björkman says with a laugh, hearing that HS readers consider him his favorite as the new Commissioner Palm.

New Commissioner Palm want to see an actor as the star of the movie Hannu-Pekka Björkman, 51, at least if there is a belief in the readers of Helsingin Sanomat. The HS website has been open since Tuesday vote for your own favorite as the main star Renny Harlin to steer to a new one Commissioner Palm , the premiere of which is scheduled for 2023.

By Wednesday, about 6,000 votes had been cast and the most votes had been collected Hannu-Pekka Björkman, second most Martti Rahvalo and the next most votes have been received Aake Kalliala, Taneli Mäkelä and Tommi Korpela.

“Oh, good whips,” Björkman says with a laugh after hearing about the voting result.

“I dig those movies a lot.”

Renny Harlin from a film project was reported on Tuesday. This is a new version Commissioner Palm and the first Palm film filming in more than 50 years Matti Kassilan after the controls. Harlin is screenplayed by the film’s author Mika Waltarin granddaughter, theater director and author Joel Elstelän with.

Björkman says he looked at it for example Commissioner Palm’s mistake (1960) countless to tell and have shown all Palmu films to their children as well, who consider them really good films. Björkman especially admires Matti Kassila’s style with which the films were made.

“Especially Commissioner Palm’s mistakewhich is my personal favorite. That’s really both an exciting and a fun movie. And for example Pentti Siimes is quite brilliant in his role, because it feels like he doesn’t just stay in the script, but is given a little freer hands. There are no bad links in that film at all, ”says Björkman.

According to Björkman, Commissioner Palmuna is known Joel Rinteen the boots are large.

“But I’ve never thought about it before this day.”

But if one still played a little with the idea that Palm’s role in the new film would be offered to Björkman, would it be horrible or would Björkman be excited? And what would a modern Palm tree be like?

“That’s a good question. What’s interesting about that is that it’s a script that hasn’t been made, a film that hasn’t been made. Terribly interesting what it holds. In that sense, it would be a really interesting task, and yes I would probably be happy because it is a new production, ”says Björkman.

According to Björkman, remakes of films are always more difficult because people already have such strong images of them.

“But that role-work of imitation couldn’t be under any circumstances. I would have to create something completely new and our own. That way you would have to approach it, otherwise it would go wrong, ”Björkman reflects.

The film is produced by Solar Films, and is being turned into a functional film, as at least hand wrecks, firefights and car chases are promised. In other words, Commissioner Palmuna Björkman may have been able to present an action hero.

“I haven’t done that, I haven’t become roles as a first lover or an action hero,” Björkman says.


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