Movies A new Finnish crime film has been shot in Canary Islands: Outi Mäenpää plays Miss Finland’s legacy princess, who is now drunk as a bartender

The internationally acclaimed Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää is making a crime film in Tenerife. The moment of beating will premiere in the fall of 2022.

Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää from the next steering job Wait a minute one can expect something unusual in the style of Finnish cinema. Valkeapää says he is making a personal-drawn crime story that does not escape tragicomic material.

The main characters are presented by Outi Mäenpää, Ilkka Heiskanen, Johannes Holopainen and Jukka-Pekka Palo. Mäenpää’s character Marjaleena is a Miss Finland heritage princess from the 1980s, now an alcoholic bar operator on the Costa del Sol.

“I have always liked Elmore Leonardin, Donald Westlaken and Charles Willeford books, ”Valkeapää says on the phone from Tenerife, where filming has just ended.

“The main characters are unlikely heroes, flawed and even desperate people who drift in pursuit of an unattainable dream. When the opportunity arises, a series of disasters will begin. ”

The director-screenwriter highlights a couple of filming from the authors he mentioned: Quentin Tarantino controlled by Jackie Brown From Leonard as well George Armitagen cult film Miami Blues From Willeford.

Marjalena’s professional criminal spouse, as Palo puts it, has been in prison for 20 years. When he is released, an investigation into the fraud and the gaps begins, including kidnapping.

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“Marjaleena faces big things. He is a sad and tragic character, unable to take over his life, ”Mäenpää describes.

The hangover and hoarse facilities increase Marjalena’s challenges.

“As an actor, I have put everything down,” says Mäenpää.

The film Moments is directed by JP Valkeapää (left) Actors Johannes Holopainen and Ilkka Heiskanen are also pictured.

In the autumn of 2022 Receiving its Finnish premiere Wait a minute has also received funding from Estonia, Denmark, France and Spain. Although the events are located near Fuengirola, it has been described in the Canary Islands because of a local production incentive. The budget for Finnish films is high, more than 2.7 million euros.

There is a reason for interest abroad. Whitehead is known for his personal films that have won a place at international festivals. Completed in the second year Dogs do not wear pants reached the Cannes Film Festival’s Director’s Fortnight screening as the first Finnish film in 25 years.

Wait a minute is perhaps more of an audience film than the director’s previous ones.

“The script is more intriguing and storytelling,” Valkeapää himself explains, inspired by a photograph he received from Fuengirola of a middle-aged woman in a light-felt jacket drinking a confused-looking beer.

Outi Mäenpää has just done another ugly film lead role. The wedding of the century she performed celebrity psychiatry, which falls into deep substance abuse pending waiting for her ex-spouse’s wedding.

The wedding of the century is a tragic description of the narcissistic person, ”Mäenpää defines. When Wait a minute film role was offered, the actor was delighted.

“All the colleagues who worked with Jukka-Pekka praise him profusely,” Mäenpää describes.

The real surprise was the text of the film.

“The script was completely finished. That’s what I’ve come across in my career a couple of times. It was great. ”

According to Mäenpää, Valkeapää is a visual and demanding director who knows what he wants and on the other hand does not give the actors extra time.

“Ever since I realized I just had to give power to the instructor, I’ve been really grateful. I am absolutely in love with the way White Head does. This will be a cult film, ”says Mäenpää.

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There is a lot of black humor in store. The director praises the Actors who have put themselves in the league.

“Humor is squeezed out of pretty horrible situations,” Valkeapää says.

“There will be no travel advertising.”

Director Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää.

Whitehead is a wayfarer

Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää first steering job Stranger was completed in 2008. It was the first Finnish feature film in more than ten years to be selected for the Venice Film Festival. Also in 2014 They have fled got its world premiere in Venice.

So far, the most successful of the director’s films is the dark humorous drama Dogs do not wear pants, which was sold for distribution to the United States, Germany and Britain, among others, after its premiere in Cannes. They starred in it Krista Kosonen and Pekka Strang.

All of Valkeapää’s three previous films have been nominated for the Jussi Award for Best Film. They have fled won both Best Film and Directed by Jussi.

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