Movie Review | The story of the Spirit wild horse continues in a new animated film, singer-songwriter Viivi succeeds in the main voice role

The themes of the film’s story are familiar: friendship and mutual aid are emphasized, as is appreciation of nature and the importance of breaking free from the sorrows of the past.


Spirit – Untamed, directed by Elaine Bogan, animation, Finnish. Votes Viivi, Esteri Seppälä, Yasmine Yamajako. 88 min. K7. ★★★

Spirit animations are not yet their own universe, but they are close. It all started with the 2002 film Spirit – wild and free and then continued with the 2017 Netflix series Spirit – the call to freedom. And now comes the third story Spirit – untamed.

Little Lucky loses his skateboarding mother in an accident. A grief-stricken father does not see that he is able to take care of his daughter, but sends this to his sister’s care at his father’s house in a large city.

Ten years later, the living Lucky causes chaos in his grandfather’s dream of a political career and is passed to his father’s town in the city of Miradero on the Mexican border, in the true Wild West. Aunt Cora follows.

Already on the train to the west, Lucky gets in touch with a magnificent wild horse horse that is finally captured by cattle herders. The trust between Lucky and his Ori, whom he named Spirit, is growing, and before long Lucky and his new friends end up rescuing Spirit and this herd from rogue herdsmen who plan to sell the magnificent animals as laborers to the north.

Alongside the Boomerang, Spirit, Chica Linda horses, the human characters in the animation are Abigail Stone, Lucky Prescott and Pru Granger.

As a computer animation Spirit – untamed looks pretty much the same as numerous like that, but there are a few positive differences as well. The gestures and movements of the horses have been made to look authentic, although their expressions have been somewhat fairytale-emphasized. Landscape backgrounds have also seen a nice effort.

The themes of the story are familiar: friendship and mutual assistance are emphasized, as is appreciation of nature and the importance of breaking free from the worries of the past.

The best Spirithowever, the film has its pace and smoothness. The story doesn’t get stuck, but plunges forward into dramatic finale slippery yet clear to small viewers.

In digital animation, it is more difficult to achieve a personal imprint than in traditional animation, but the creators of Spirit have in some places tried and partly succeeded.

Viivi’s role Luckyna is the artist’s first voice role.

The sound roles in the original version of the film have big names like Julianne Moore and Jake Gyllenhaal. In the Finnish version, the singer-songwriter Viivi makes his successful voice role debut as Luckyna.

Spirit – The Untamed will hit theaters on Wednesday, July 21st.



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