Movie Review | The sequel to Suicide Squad is a ruthless, outrageous and terribly bloody comic book amusement

The freak band Suicide Squad finally got the look of a movie in which director James Gunn shows what he’s doing without age limits.


The Suicide Squad: Suicide Mission. Directed by James Gunn. Starring Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman. Duration 132 min. K16. ★★★

Sometimes misfortune is followed by happiness. Guardians of the Galaxy done James Gunn was one of the best instructors hired by Disney for his Marvel stable. In 2018, he was fired for the tasteless provocation jokes he had written ten years earlier. The internet is such a place today.

Gunn believed his career was over. He then jumped into a rival Warner-DC camp and did Suicide Squadin, which now finally comes to premiere after the corona reversals.

Gunn’s fires were a lucky kick for superhero movies. Where the previous one Suicide Squad from 2016 was a confused shoemaker, Gunn takes it all out of this group of villains. The result is blatant, outrageous and absolutely terribly bloody comic book entertainment. It feels like Gunn wanted to show what he can do when Disney’s age limits aren’t holding back.

Suicide Squad is, as the name implies, a group of criminals whose spirit no one cares about. The Twilight Department of the U.S. administration puts the group to do the most desperate tasks by promising shorter prison sentences. The wrecks are trying to save the world and realize that their spirits still matter, to each other. If the spirit survives at all. According to the spirit of the original comic, these heroes are consumer goods. It’s one gang of gang. When usually superheroes never die, these guys go like mosquitoes on a summer night.

Few action movies thus go directly to that action. No demonstrations, the team is on the plane on its way to their mission and then it already starts. The mission is to destroy a mysterious experimental laboratory in the fictitious South American island state of Corto Maltese, where a military coup has taken place. There will be many twists and turns in the journey and Gunn will surprise me several times with plot twists that are pointless to go to reveal.

Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, has emerged as a leading figure in a kind of shadow chain of DC heroes, working alongside the most famous characters Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

In top roles are Margot Robbien by Harley Quinn and Idris Elban Bloodsport. Quinn has emerged as a leader in a kind of DC shadow chain that runs alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and partners in No. 1 hero league. After three films, Robbie owns Quinn’s character. He only has a couple of scenes of his own, but they’re like a bit of loose short films inside a movie.

Elban Bloodsport, on the other hand, brings the much-needed closeness to the country. Around when rotating types such as Sylvester Stallonen a voice-talking stupid ghost King Shark who tries to eat everything but at the same time acts as an emotional lightning conductor. David Dastmalchianin presented by Polka-Dot Man is constantly on the verge of mental collapse and John Cenan Peacemaker, on the other hand, is an open sadistic version of Captain America. And so on, these are enough. Even the superpowers of the characters are nut crazy at best.

The story of John Cena’s Peacemaker character continues in an HBO TV series made by James Gunn that will be released early next year.

The violence is horrible and you find yourself wondering if this is fun or not. Fortunately, the issue is questioned in the film, even once. But it’s not just about blood and nonsense. Gunn always says with his heart. Everyone has a skeleton in their closet. Everyone suffers from their family or its loss. Guardians similarly, this Gunn film also tells how the wrecks find a new family apart. Another theme is the core of superhero comics: the question of who ultimately has real power, gentlemen or losers. In that sense, there isn’t much new in the film.

In the new generation of superhero filmmakers, James Gunn has taken on the role of the voice of losers and freaks.

James Gunn has taken on the role of losers and freaks in a new generation of superhero filmmakers. That is an important role. Gunn points out that not all heroes are heroes, but people with all their shortcomings and aversions.

This time, Gunn’s message is conveyed most strongly by Harley Quinn. While the grip on reality is sometimes fussy and the world is full of assholes that deserve a bullet in their head, a guy is not left and animals or children are not bullied.

Sylvester Stallone voice plays King Shark, who acts as the group’s emotional lightning conductor. And try to eat everything.

Suicide Squad is Guardians of the Galaxy further development of film themes. However, it is different, rougher, more rancid, and brutal enough to stand on its own crazy legs. Some of the jokes but didn’t laugh and the feelings aren’t as warm. Suicide Squad is not the same as the first Guardians of the Galaxy. It may be that Gunn will never again reach its spontaneous joy and sensitivity, and should refrain from comparing other works to it.

Disney eventually came to his senses and Gunn was taken back. He is currently directing a third Guardiansfilm for Marvel. Sometimes it’s time to move on and grow. From people, movie companies as well as cartoon heroes.



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