Movie Review | The sequel to Space Jam was prepared for a painfully long time, and it looks like it – LeBron James has been made expressive as an animation, but the cinematic merits remain at the level of a children’s series

Decades-old animated characters are no longer enough to tease children, so the basketball hustle and bustle has become an advertisement for Warner’s streaming content, writes critic Tero Kartastenpää.

Children’s movie

Space Jam: New Legend, directed by Malcolm D. Lee. Starring LeBron James, Zendaya, Sonequa Martin-Green, Don Cheadle 116 min. K7.


Robert Zemeckis gave golden advice in due course Space Jamin for authors:

“Don’t do it, it almost killed me.”

Zemeckis, who directed Looney Tunes ’first feature film, Who set the trap, Roger Rabbit? (1988), combining actors and animation was painful.

That’s what it was Space Jamin (1996) in production. The film was exceptionally computer-animated.

However, the basketball hoop collected huge box office receipts, so a sequel to it began to be tuned. There were discussions Tony Hawkin with – Skate Jam – Yes Jackie Chanin with – Spy Jam.

After even the original main star Michael to Jordan long-form grounding did not work, a full flop was piled up Looney Tunes: In the frames again (2003).

The newest company, an independent sequel, is an organized basketball player LeBron Jamesin with year-end. Would not have been worth it.

Space Between the jams, in a quarter of a century, much has changed.

Children are to be portrayed as geniuses of new technology, as represented by LeBron James, a boy who makes games (Cedric Joe).

Trick speech has become a form of ordinary discussion. The film explores the father-son relationship, where the overflowing incentive is focused on the wrong game: the basket, not the mobile.

The algorithm turns basketball player LeBron James into a cartoon character.

Father James is a god figure, after all, he is dedicated to playing basketball since the toddler – just like Michael Jordan in the number one film.

However, Boy-James ’coding abilities rise in value to unpredictable when Tronmovie-like algorithm (Don Cheadle) digitizes James’ bodies.

The rest of the James family, as interpreted by the actors, is concerned.

As early as the 1990s Warner Brothers wondered if the 1930s animated characters would speak anymore.

Road users and Tasmanian pests broke forms of amusement, but the visual means that defied the limitations of their physics have not been exceptional for decades.

In the new legend it has been realized that Väiski Vemmelsääri does not squeak in the post – war way. That’s why the film is like a two-hour commercial for Warner’s streaming content.

Time has to be wasted before the final basketball game, so the viewer is taken on a tour of the planet of success fiction owned by Warner Brothers – the logo is constantly on display. Game of Thrones, DC cartoon characters and Harry Potters penetrated into the canvas as a forced resale.

The spotting of the characters is a bit reminiscent of browsing the video service tired, and none of the entertainment on offer seems satisfactory. Especially the movie that is already running.

Mainly combining the acting abilities and animation of LeBron James, who knows one threatening posture, has been conveniently solved so that in a large part of the film, the basketball player is a cartoon character.

He gets stretched and expressive, but his cinematic merits remain at the level of the children’s series on Saturday morning.

Lola Vemmelsääri, LeBron James and Repe Sorsa are putting together a basketball team.

At the same time, the charm of the first part disappears. The kitchen between the animation and the characters played has been the delight of Looney Tunes: adults have been bickering with a drawn duck.

The drawing burden can also be overcome by making Looney Tunes into three-dimensional animated characters. They are smooth but boring.

Part one most of the characters have been changed from Lola Vemmelsäär. It had no history in the original Looney Tunes. The female hare was no longer wanted to cope with sexuality, but with the game skills that it did in the first part. Now it has sportier clothes. Too much ability makes a comedy character forgettable.

There was a dubbed version on the watch, which of course moves further away from an otherwise still-life film. Joonas Saartamo made LeBron James ’voice low and authoritarian. In the sounds of the evil team’s monsters and their player role models, a tubettan can be spotted Roni Backin and a basketball player Shawn Huffin.



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