Movie Review | The bumpy teen romance comes of age in a futile one-star movie

After-movies show how from scratch they tweak a movie series.


AFTER WE FELL, directed by Castille Landon, starring Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Stephen Moyer, Arielle Kebbel. 99 min. K12. ★

American Anna Todd initially began writing One Direction fan stories online, and gradually edited them into a bestselling book series about the meandering relationship between Tessa and Hardin.

I haven’t read Todd’s novels, but based on the movies made from them, I don’t want to. In the first movie After (2019) neat and conventional Tessa (Josephine Langford) faced a grim rebel, British boy Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), which quite cliché appealed to the kind girl.

In the next movie After We Collided (2020) were already a bit more mature, but critics say just as meaningless. Personally, I have not seen that return.

Third part After We Fell is built from even crazier materials than its predecessors. Now it’s about Tessa getting a good job at her Seattle publishing house in addition to her studies, but Hardin throws herself childishly stubborn because she doesn’t want to move to Seattle, but also doesn’t divorce her loved one.

Then we argue and agree, and finally we are together again until the Great Soap Opera-like Turn takes place, which gets to act as a gentle springboard to the fourth part already described. After Ever Happy.

After We Fell So there’s hardly a story in the movie, and even so little is broken down by that even totally erotic and chaste sex scenes to the beat of the day’s pop. Watching a movie is as boring as watching the development of mold on the surface of the bread.

Langford and Tiffin are beautiful, but as actors modest and devoid of any charisma. This time, the roles of middle-aged people have been brought up with TV masks from the past Stephen Moyer, Louise Lombard and Rob Estes. Times then dropped on cheap productions Mira Sorvino shows Tessa’s mother at the beginning of the film – for about two seconds.

Young Florida instructor Castille Landon (b. 1991) has previously made a couple of horse-themed youth films and a little thriller Fear of Rain. He steered side by side After We Fellin with also its future sequel, both of which were described for coronal reasons mainly in Sofia, Bulgaria, because there happened to be a moderately mild disease situation at the appropriate time.

If After We Fell something good should be found, so to speak, that it is not as showy attitude as the film that started the series. But still, when there are no zero stars in the toolbox, then After We Fell gets one star.



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