Movie Review | Supernova compassionately depicts the experiences of a person with dementia and those close to her, but the film remains pale

Harry Macqueen’s second feature film would miss the momentum and events that would take the story further.


Supernova, directed by Harry Macqueen. Starring Stanley Tucci, Colin Firth, Sarah Woodward, John Roberts. 94 min. K12. ★★★

There is a man becoming a passenger. He has to get on board and go to a place he can’t choose for himself. To a place where no one can bring him back.

And a man doesn’t want that under any circumstances.

This is what the film called Supernova. Englishman Harry Macqueen directed by another feature film, the theme is dementia. At the center is the question of what we are willing to do for the people we love.

About memory disorders has become one on the themes of contemporary films and television series.

Published in 2014 Richard Glatzerin and Wash Westmoreland Still Alice in the movie Julianne Moore starred in a fifty-day researcher with dementia. Moore won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the film.

Aisling Walshin british tv movie Elisabeth is missing (2019) reported on Maud in his eighties (Glenda Jackson), which identifies Alzheimer’s.

Receiving its Finnish premiere in August Florian Zellerin drama movie Father also describes a memory disorder. Anthony Hopkins was awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role, and a film in the Best Adapted Screenplay category.

Macqueenin Supernovan the story is familiar: the relationship is tested by the onset of dementia. (Side note: the film was not an Oscar nominee.)

Concert pianist Sam (who has been together for twenty years) (Colin Firth) and the author, astronomer Tusker (Stanley Tucci) are ‘on the road again’. In an old motorhome, they tour the autumn countryside of England with their dog Ruby, visiting places that are important to them and visiting relatives.

Tusker’s early dementia has changed the lives of both. Sometimes sharp-thinking and funny, sometimes forgetting about his own worlds, Tusker fears that he will be remembered for his last years and not for what he once was like.

Sam, for his part, denies his partner’s deteriorating condition. He strives to help Tusker, and sometimes gets nervous not only about Tusker but himself.

Harry Macqueen’s previous, first feature film, released in 2014 Hinterland was a travel movie.

So Supernovae. When the secrets are revealed during the trip, Sam and Tusker have to wonder what they mean to each other.

There are good ingredients in the film.

The problem, however, is evenness.

Partly it due to the scarcity of the film. It is delicate in its plot and atmosphere, but lukewarm in a long film.

Minimalist Supernova eventually comes to mind a more long TV series pilot episode, or a short film longing for cutting.

Supernova would like speed. It would need other events that would take the story to a new level. Even older feelings.

The cast of the cast is skillful, but the potential is a bit wasted. Who are these people in the movie in the end? You could get more out of Firth and Tucci.

What thoughts sometimes seem to be more appealing to is nature. Squeaky streams, forests, plains, hills. Trees dyed in autumn.

Of course, the relationship between the characters feels real. Sincerity that describes people who are important to each other. Older homosexuals talk about their feelings. However, the sexuality of the protagonists is not emphasized, it is not a central theme.

More important is the encounter with the realities of dementia. In it, the film succeeds in drawing a compassionate image.



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