Movie Gucci’s fashion family considers the film about them Actors “horrible” and “ugly” – directed by Ridley Scott is a soap opera about a murder story

Lady Gaga portrays a member of the Gucci family who acquired a hitman to kill her husband.

Guccin the family appoints the future House of Guccin Actors as “deer, horrible and ugly”.

Ridley Scottin, 83, starring in the film directed by Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Al Pacino. Among other things Alien, Blade Runner and Thelma and Louisen directed by Sir Ridley Scott is one of the most significant surviving fiction directors. He tells about it Guardian.

Movie is about Patrizia Reggianin and Maurizio Guccin of a miserable marriage. Gucci’s family was shocked to see Paparazzi’s pictures of the film’s filming. They show, for example, that Al Pacino has grown the fashion brand internationally Aldo Guccina and Jared Leto designed the famous logo Paolo Guccina.

Maurizio’s little cousin Patrizia Gucci told AP that the pictures of Leto were horrible. He says he speaks for the entire Gucci family, who experience the film as “stealing the family’s identity for the money”.

“I’m still hurt.”

He says his grandfather, Aldon, was a handsome, tall, elegant man. The movie version pales alongside.

“He’s played by Al Pacino, who isn’t very tall and in the picture he looks fat, short, in sideburns, very ugly.”

Al Pacino starred in Aldo Guccia’s filming of the House of Gucci in Rome in March.­

Movie based on Sara Gay Forden to the book The House of Gucci: a Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamor and Greed. The book promises in its name to deal with a sensational story of murder, madness, glamor and greed.

The jealous Patrizia Reggiani hired an assassin to kill Maurizio Gucci in Milan in 1995. She was released from prison in 2016. One of Reggian’s motives was suspected to be the desire to remain within the money-rich clan.

“I cry rather than a Rolls Roycessa I’m happy on the back of a bicycle,” he said as the wisdom of life.

Married to Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani in 1972.­

She became an Italian favorite of the yellow press, “Mrs. Gucci,” who organized expensive parties and wasted property on apartments and boats.

In the film, she is played by singer Lady Gaga, whose role in the drama A Star Is Born from 2018 garnered praise and an Oscar nomination.

Lady Gaga released a picture of her and co-actress Adam Driver in retro clothing in early March.

Preliminary information according to the film does not treat the Gucci family as a mere success story. The authors have described it as a “soap opera” with goats, fun and tragedy.

Ridley Scott’s production company has been preparing the film for a long time. Also an instructor Martin Scorsese designed a film about the story more than a decade ago. That’s when the lead role was planned Angelina Jolieta.

In the filming of the Lady Gaga House of Gucci in Rome in March.­

The Gucci company has partnered with Scott’s production company and provided access to the fashion house’s clothing and merchandise archive. The company has given filmmakers complete artistic freedom.

House of Guccin the scheduled premiere is in November.

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