Mourning: Promise of Colombian gymnastics dies in an absurd accident



Mourning in Colombian gymnastics.

Mourning in Colombian gymnastics.

The sport of the country mourned the death of the young man.

Colombia mourns the death of one of the country’s gymnastics promises, angel gabriel delgado who lost his life in a home accident in cucuta, capital of North Santander.

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According to the first reports from the local authorities, the talented athlete of only 13 years old was playing with his friends in a hammock.

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Once the incident was reported, the police arrived at the gymnast’s home and, apparently, Ángel Gabriel got entangled in the hammock while he was playing and could not get away.

first information

“The minor was rocking in a hammock and broke his neck,” a judicial source assured the newspaper The opinion of that city.

Delgado was part of the selected gymnastics department of North of Santander and was also part of the Colombia selection from the children’s category.

He won silver and bronze medals in a tournament in Ecuador and also stood out in the past Pan American Championship.

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