Motorsport Emma Kimiläinen drove sixth at the Hungaroring

Kimiläinen is fifth in the World Championships.

Women the W Series formula series continued in the fourth race of the season, and the British Hungaroring won the British Jamie Chadwick. The reigning champion of the series, Chadwick, rose to the top of the series by a point past his compatriot Alice Powellin. They divide the season winnings by 2 to 2.

Finnish driver Emma Kimiläinen rose to sixth in the final stages of the race past the Spaniard Marta Garcian. Kimiläinen is fifth in the World Championships, but the situation behind the top two who have already escaped from others is very tight. In the third Spanish Nerea Martilla is 37 points, fourth in Britain Sarah Moorella 36, Kim 35 and Liechtenstein 6-7 Fabienne Wohlwendilla and Russia Irina Sidorkova 34.

The eight-race season continues on August 28 in Belgium at the Spa track.



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