Motorsport Emma Kimiläinen changed engineers and immediately started to run smoothly

Communication skills, know-how and understanding are key, says Emma Kimiläinen, who drives in the W Series.

To the overwhelming to victory on Saturday at Spa-Francorchamps Emma Kimiläinen considers driving a W Series race on F1 race weekends a good thing.

On Wednesday, Kimiläinen participated in a video conference organized by the W Series, to which the series had invited a few Finnish media.

HS asked Kimiläinen what kind of events the joint race weekends with F1 are, and how the series will emerge in the press of the royal class in motorsport.

“It’s really sweet to be involved. We have received good attention, and the W Series needs more, ”Kimiläinen replied.

“I believe that in the future, the W Series will play a bigger role in these race weekends as well.”

“We’ve received a lot of attention, and the W Series needs more.”

32 years old the motorist said he had never before even watched formula one.

“My own races have always been so busy. Now it’s been a lot of fun, too. ”

“Unfortunately, movement is limited due to the global situation. We can’t get the most out of it in exactly the same way, ”he continued, referring to the corona pandemic.

Kimiläinen, who competes in the ranks of the Ecurie W team, took his season opening victory at the Spa. In the debut season of the W Series in 2019, the Finn also won one race.

Kimiläinen considered his victory above all as a result of successful teamwork. He said he needed the support of the whole team to be able to do his best.

“Unfortunately, movement is restricted due to the global situation.”

Emma Kimiläinen drove to a convincing victory over the weekend.

In the early season this was not the case. Kimiläinen seems to have overcome his previous competition challenges by changing engineers.

“I found a guy like that who supports well. We immediately found a good collaboration and I am pleased that the result came immediately, ”he said.

The driver’s employment relationship is closest to that of the engineer, so it has to work. Communication skills, know-how and understanding are key.

“One of these was missing from the previous engineering relationship,” he said.

The event was attended by a two-time Formula One world champion Mika Hakkinen fully signed Kimiläinen’s view.

“We immediately found a good cooperation.”

Engineers According to Häkkinen, you have to be edgy, professional and stay up to date.

“If those human chemistry still sculpts a hat on it, then it’s good teamwork.”

Kimiläinen and almost all other W Series drivers will be without a stable seat for next season. Only two academy drivers are sure of the future.

Kimiläinen, who hopes for a good and upward trend for the rest of the season, will continue to consider the W Series a good series.

“I like the future of the W Series. At the moment, it looks very good, and I’m happy to be involved, but I’d love to drive more. ”

“I like the future of the W Series.”

For example Kimiläinen told the Extreme E series. In addition, he would like to experience Le Mans at some point in his career.

The W Series is a series where women can drive as professionals. According to Kimiläinen, the experience has been wonderful, and all things have gone well.

“There has been an athlete here. That’s where that policy has been taken from, ”he said.

“It’s even a facilitating experience that you’ve only been seen as an athlete and you’ve gotten to do the best result without being joined by other commercials.”



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