Motocross | Jere Haavisto had already thrown his gloves in the counter – now he believes in his career as a professional and has hired a former league hockey player in his team

Motocross returned to its hometown in Hyvinkää on Saturday.

Motocross The World Series returned to Finland after a break of several years on Saturday in Hyvinkää.

A man from Ylöjärvi competes in the main class in MXGP Jere Haavistowho was to end his career in 2020. Now he drives more determinedly than ever.

Haavisto invested in his international career already as a teenager, until adversity struck. Shoulder and knee injuries took the 2018–2019 seasons. The corona messed up the plans in 2020. There were also disappointments with foreign teams.

In the 2021 season, he entered the game earlier Kimi Räikkönen worked as a mechanic in the top team of the World Cup owned by Petteri Silvennoinenwho was building his own team in Finland.

Now, at the age of 23, Haavisto is at the forefront of utilizing Silvennoinen’s worldviews. Haavisto is Silve Racing’s number one driver, leading the SM series by far and driving his third MXGP class race of the season in Hyvinkää.

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“I was throwing the gloves on the counter when it came to driving, until I started talking to Silvennoinen. His plan sounded good, and the action has been excellent. Driving and doing everything tastes good again. We both have high goals, and the team works professionally,” praises Haavisto.

Often Finnish drivers buy places from foreign teams, as Haavistok did before. Now his career is being built with domestic forces and the framework is right.

Expertise has also been sought from outside the sport, as the coaching staff includes a hockey player who mainly played for HPK Jyrki Louhiwhose game number hangs frozen on the ceiling of Hämeenlinna’s ice rink.

“I have worked more professionally for Cross than before and have also grown spiritually. The team is good, and I myself focus better on sports holistically, from diet to sleep and training. My self-confidence has also increased with the victories in the SM part races.”

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Haavisto and Silvennoinen are convinced that it is possible for Finnish drivers and teams to rise to the top of the World Championship. In Finland, there is expertise in all areas, and it does not need to be bought from abroad.

Touring the entire World Series, however, requires concentrating activities outside the borders of our country, already during the training season.

Jere Haavisto now drives more determinedly than ever.

Last in the winter Haavisto mainly practiced enduro on snow, except for his one-month trip to Belgium, which is naturally not the same as motocross.

“Money is a big factor, but the athlete is still at the center of everything. Those results are up to him, and you have to become a top athlete, just dreaming is not enough,” emphasizes Silvennoinen.

Haavisto, who has experience in the MX2 class World Series, scored points in his first MXGP class race in Belgium despite being sick. Points were also released in Sweden a week ago. In Hyvinkää, his goal is among the top 15, but his eyes are already further ahead.

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“I again believe in my chances to become a professional in the World Series,” says Haavisto.

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