Montoya finishes his first GP in F3-2023: “Good past, dangerous past”


Sebastian Montoya

Sebastian Montoya



Sebastian Montoya

Sebastián, son of Juan Pablo Montoya, made up positions in his two races this weekend.

The first round of the Formula 3 Championship was held at the Bahrain International Circuit, with Sebastian Montoyadriver of the Telmex Claro Team, adding units in the two competitions of the opening date of the season.

Montoya comes back in his first weekend


Cesar Melgarejo, CEET

In the sprint race of this first round of F3 he closed in the top 10, recovering from his 15th position on the starting grid, collecting one unit.

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The main race was very hard for Sebastian, who nevertheless recovered a ninth place after starting fourteenth, taking 2 more points from this first round.

(In interview: Sebastián Montoya in Formula 3: ‘With my last name the responsibility is greater’).

“It felt more like a war than a race, everyone was everywhere, very aggressive (…) we learned a lot, there were good passes, dangerous passes, some that I had not planned but they happened, but in the end I learned a lot“reflected Montoya, about his first round of the season.

“For the future we need to work on qualifying (…) we are going with everything for the next race,” he announced.

The next stop of the championship will be in Melbourne, Australia, from March 30 to April 1 for round 2 of the 10-date calendar.

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1. Bortoleto 25 points
2.Goethe 23
3.Beganovic 22
4.Martí 19
5. Saucy 16
6. Browning 10
7. Pintail 9
8.collet 8
9. Aaron 7
10. Frederick 6
11. Mini 4
12.Fornaroli 313. Montoya 3

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