Monthly supplement The young couple wanted their own island and cottage dream but there was not too much money – A cunning operation began, at the end of which they have an island, a design villa and an exceptional view of the sauna

On the edge of the Archipelago Sea is a small island that has become a favorite of the international media. The cottage and the seascape are enjoyed by a family of three and 12,000 followers of the island.

Thus the story began.

“I got a faija boat to use and started testing what life in the archipelago is like. I realized that I could park on empty islands and islets and the views are incomprehensible ”, Aleksi Hautamäki says.

The views are indeed handsome. As the boat guided by Hautamäki speeds along the edge of the Archipelago Sea towards the home island, bold coves and rugged rock walls rise from the sea. You can see red-painted boathouses, old fishing boats, and a small lighthouse on the horizon.



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