Money | What did you do on your summer vacation this year? Answer HS’s survey

The standard of living of Finns has collapsed, and consumption habits have to be changed, especially when it comes to everyday entertainment and tourism. Tell us in the survey if you are going to give up one of your holiday traditions.

Summer vacation in front! For example, are you planning to spend a week in a rental cabin? Are you taking a summer vacation trip to Stockholm or Estonia? How about a day at Linnanmäki or Särkänniemi with the family? Maybe a party or two?

When food, housing and services have gotten wildly expensive, one of the highlights of the summer that has become a tradition may have to be given up.

The standard of living of Finns has collapsed more drastically than we can possibly imagine, Lähi-Tapiola’s private economy economist Hannu Nummiaro stated recently in Helsingin Sanomat.

According to him, the standard of living of wage earners has fallen to the level of 2009. The changes in spending habits will be the first to focus on everyday entertainment, such as traveling and restaurant visits.

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Do you have to give up any of your traditional vacation ways? Answer Helsingin Sanomat’s survey, on the basis of which we will make the story.

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