Money An unemployed single parent got tired of counting money, started saving and even invested in her social benefits – Now Helena Rostedt is aiming for € 100,000 and tells how she plans to succeed

Helena Rostedt has received accusations from unknown people online that she has invested in social benefits. “That’s just a way out of the poverty of not having to raise those subsidies anymore,” he says.­

Helena Rostedt, 31, says she is an example of how the poor can also have the opportunity to save and invest. He himself started by budgeting his spending carefully, and thus managed to start with 15 euros a month.

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Four years ago Helena Rostedt toured the store with a cell phone calculator. An unemployed business economist and a total parent of two children had to calculate exactly whether coffee and toilet paper could be afforded today or whether coffee should be left on the shelf.

Rostedt hated that money seemed out of control.

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