Mona Al-Marri stresses the importance of preparing the Arab media after “Corona”

Mona Al-Marri, speaking during the forum, with the participation of a group of Arab media leaders (WAM)

Dubai (WAM)

Mona Ghanem Al-Marri, Director General of the Dubai Government Media Office, confirmed that the United Arab Emirates realized early on the importance of the transition to a digital environment, which prompted its government to adopt an integrated strategy to translate the vision and directives of the wise leadership to accomplish this transformation within specific timeframes and goals, including Various sectors of work, including the media sector, through which our national institutions have taken the initiative to adopt solutions that help them maintain their competitive borders in the new digital environment brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which soon witnessed a tremendous acceleration of its paths with the outbreak of one of the most difficult challenges the world faced. In its recent history, which is the crisis of the “Covid-19” pandemic.
This came during Mona Al-Marri’s participation in the “Arab Media in the Shadow and After the Corona Pandemic” forum, which was organized remotely through visual communication technology, yesterday, by Al-Bilad Foundation for Press, Publishing and Distribution in the sisterly Kingdom of Bahrain, with the participation of a group of Arab media leaders, at the forefront of whom His Excellency Ali bin Muhammad Al-Rumaihi, Minister of Information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, His Excellency Osama Heikal, Minister of Information Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Nabil Al-Hamar, Adviser to the King of Bahrain for Media Affairs, the great Egyptian journalist Imad Al-Din Adeeb, and a group of writers, media professionals, officials of media institutions and government sectors Concerned, and members of the academic corps in the Arab world.
Al-Marri emphasized that the UAE’s readiness enabled it to deal efficiently with the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic, which has created profound changes in the human community, so that we now hear the phrase “preparing for the post-Covid-19 world”, and she said: One of the most important effects of the pandemic It unexpectedly accelerated the world’s transition to a digital environment.
Mona Al-Marri touched on the many variables that the pandemic has caused on the way of working and communicating with the world in general and not only in the media sector, as it is possible today to attend conferences and move between more than one meeting, symposium and meeting in several countries in one day without incurring the hardship of travel. Technology is an element of time and space, and that what was expected to happen in the world within ten years we see it happen before us, and we find that the world quickly moved to the model of distance education, while most business sectors resorted to a flexible remote work system as well, and this may remain. The model persists even in the aftermath of the crisis around the world.
Al-Marri cited an example in the e-commerce and online buying sector that made huge leaps, citing the results of the site «Amazon» which managed to double its business by 567% during the year 2020 compared to 2019, and its net profit increased by 84%, with a total of 386 billion dollars, while statistics indicate The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of electronic payment solutions and online banking operations around the world by 3 to 10 years.
She said, “Our meeting today through these screens is evidence of this rapid transformation from traditional patterns to the digital environment, while the organization of the Dubai Press Club, the Arab Media Forum last year, from a distance is another evidence of this transformation accelerated by the pandemic, and while the actual attendance of the forum fluctuated annually. Between 2000 and 3000 participants, the forum sessions in its first electronic version in 2020 were watched by more than 10 thousand followers from around the world through the electronic platform of the forum in which we took care to reduce the time of the sessions and focus their content. ” She indicated that media organizations not supported by governments will face real challenges if they do not initiate the acceleration of digital transformation, an option that has become inevitable, especially after the great repercussions that accompanied the pandemic, and said that in the recent past, news used to take 24 hours to reach people through newspapers. The printed matter, and perhaps it was a little faster for television and radio, but digital technologies today put millions of followers on the air directly from the site of the event with sound and image, and every person, who owns a smart phone, has become a source of information, news and pictures.
She added: “Despite the great advantages that the digital environment brought to the media, it posed great challenges to the Arab and international media, as the digital space has become a fertile environment for the spread of rumors, false news and misleading information, while the traditional media maintains its competitive edge represented in the ability to screen and scrutinize content and verify From the credibility of the information and the news before they are circulated and broadcast to the people .. As for what we receive through social media, we must think about it dozens of times and verify it from more than one source before we accept it and acknowledge its credibility.
The Director General of the Dubai Government Media Office concluded her speech by stressing the importance of Arab media’s readiness to deal with the post-Covid-19 world, a world in which technology will have the supreme and most influential say in shaping the features of its various sectors, including the media sector.
His Excellency Ali Al-Rumaihi, Bahrain’s Minister of Information Affairs, said: We have a lot that we can be proud of, at a time when the Western media today faces many accusations of lack of credibility and of promoting “fabricated” news without verifying its sources and the extent of its authenticity.
He stressed that the Arab media must keep pace with the rapid global development, and adopt digital options and solutions that help it excel and excel in presenting a useful message to society that lives up to its expectations.
During his speech, His Excellency Osama Heikal, Minister of Information Affairs in Egypt, expressed his conviction that the situation in the world will not return to what it was before the Corona crisis, in the near future, while the effects left by the crisis will remain in many of its frameworks, indicating that The feverish global race to produce vaccines may serve to mitigate the effects of the crisis, but it will not restore life to its previous state.
Haykal said: Today, the new generations have become more inclined and connected to the digital environment, noting that young people under the age of forty make up about 65% of the population in Egypt, which is a huge audience that often uses digital means to obtain news and information, which puts the traditional media. In front of a real challenge, especially the paper press, which has compounded the Covid-19 crisis, the severity of the crisis it is facing.
During his speech to the virtual forum, the journalist Imad Eddin Adeeb reviewed a set of statistics through which he touched on the media situation in the region and the world in light of the spread of the new Corona virus and its effects on this sector with all its components, as well as the challenges facing the media, some of which date back to before the Covid crisis. -19.
The participants unanimously agreed that the transition to the digital environment has become a reality, and a pandemic has contributed to its stabilization that has changed the standards, changed the foundations, and created a world different from the one we were used to one year ago from today, and that those who fail from Arab media institutions to catch up with this transformation will incur great losses that will take them out of the field of competition, Rather, it affects the fate of his presence on the media scene in general.

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