Miracle! man fell to the train tracks and was unharmed in the collision


Man falls onto train tracks

Moment when a man falls onto the train tracks.


Ministry of Transport of Argentina

Moment when a man falls onto the train tracks.

The event occurred at the Belgrano C station in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alive and unharmed. This is how the Argentine authorities reported the state of health of a man who tripped and fell onto the train tracks just as one of the vehicles was passing through the sector.

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The event, which occurred at the Belgrano C Station in the city of Buenos Aires, was recorded by the complex’s security cameras. According to the local media ‘Todo Noticias’, the person involved would have lost balance, which caused him to lose his balance.

The male is alive and unharmed.

One of the drivers who had been approaching the collection point was slowing down the speed of the car, so Seeing the individual rushing onto the lane, he opted to activate the emergency brake.

“We have had a collision with a person. Please call an ambulance and the fire department. He is conscious,” explained one of the agents from the ‘Secure Trains’ surveillance staff.9

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Man falls onto train tracks

Moment in which the fire department rescues the man.


Argentine Ministry of Transport.

Rescue teams arrived at the station and, after several minutes, They managed to get out the man who was lying under the control cabin of the train without any complications.

“The male is alive and unharmed, we transferred him to the Pirovano Hospital for observation,” said a security agent.

Almost a week after the accident, the individual is resting at home with some bruises on his arms and legs that do not put your life at significant risk.

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