Minorities What is it like to love when your own passion is both illegal and sick? – Three rainbow seniors return to exciting and difficult years

Lars Svartström discarded the first women’s clothing he owned. “Since then, I’ve never discarded my clothes.” In the picture, she is in her casual clothes.

Lars Svartström, Kersti Juva and Kimmo Kahra grew up at a time when there were no words to talk about sexual minorities. They tell what it was like to live and love when your own love was both sick and illegal.

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Iida Sofia Hirvonen HS

2.7. 13:35 | Updated 2.7. 17:46

Lars Svartström In December 1968, a four-line classified ad about Helsingin Sanomat hit my eyes:

He immediately guessed that the pursuits might be related to sexual minorities, so vaguely referred to. And for a reason: homosexuality, for example, was both illegal and a disease at the time.

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