Millionaires vs. River Plate: how many games have they played?


Luis Carlos Ruiz

Luis Carlos Ruiz scored the first goal for Millonarios.


Nestor Gomez – WEATHER

Luis Carlos Ruiz scored the first goal for Millonarios.

They face each other this Saturday in the United States.

millionaires Y River Plate They will meet this Saturday at the Florida, United Statesin friendly game.

This will be the tenth meeting between the two teams, with a history that started in 1953.

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The first of them was on January 4 of that year, with a blue victory 1-3. That same year, they drew 0-0. The two games were played in Bogotá.

Double in the Small Club World Cup, where the ambassadors won 5 to 1 and tied the other one at one goal. Until 1957 and 1964 they crossed again, both duels ended even.

It took 40 years for them to face each other again, in a friendly dispute in tribute to Amadeo Carrizo, where they tied at two goals, in December 2004. They met again in Bogotá, honoring alfredo di stefano for 2014, another tie and on penalties, the ambassadors prevailed.

The two most recent games have been played in 2017 and 2018, both with River Plate winning 0-1 and 4-1, in pre-season duels in the United States.

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