Millionaires: this is their path in the Copa Sudamericana


Millionaires vs.  Grass

Celebration of Millonarios’ first goal, scored by Israel Alba.


Nestor Gomez – WEATHER

Celebration of Millonarios’ first goal, scored by Israel Alba.

Panorama of the ambassador team to face the tournament.

After being eliminated from phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores, Millonarios entered the 2023 Copa Sudamericana, and This Monday, March 27, he met his rivals in group F, after the Conmebol draw was held.

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The millionaires group


Sergio Steel Yacht. TIME

The ambassador will see his face again with the Uruguayan coach Alfredo Arias, who led Santa Fe in 2022 and is now the coach of the historic Peñarol, from Uruguay.

In addition, the team led by Alberto Gamero will have to face teams from Argentina and Brazil.

It should be remembered that the first in the group will qualify directly for the round of 16. Second place will give them a chance in the round of 16 playoffs, a round in which they will face one of the third teams in the Copa Libertadores group stage.

This will be the group of Millionaires in the Copa Conmebol Sudamericana 2023:

Group F
– Penarol (Uruguay)
– Defense and Justice (Argentina)
– America MG (Brazil)
– Millionaires

Millionaires Calendar
Date 1 (Week 04/05): Millionaires vs Defense and Justice.
Date 2 (Week 04/19): Peñarol vs. Millionaires.
Date 3 (Week 05/03): Millonarios vs América MG.
Date 4 (Week 05/24): Millonarios vs. Peñarol.
Date 5 (Week 06/07): América MG vs Millonarios

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