Millionaires officially pronounces for the state of health of Luis Carlos Ruíz


Luis Carlos Ruiz

Luis Carlos Ruiz, striker for Millonarios.


Twitter: @MillosFCOficial

Luis Carlos Ruiz, striker for Millonarios.

The ambassador team issues the statement after the related publication of EL TIEMPO.

Luis Carlos Ruiz has been the great loss of Millionaires at the beginning of 2023. The striker has missed the last few games due to a state of health that until now had been handled as “unknown”.

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EL TIEMPO published this Monday the background to his absence, which has to do with a mishap the player had during training a few weeks ago. Millionaires confirmed this Tuesday, through an official statement, said information.

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Millionaires speak out for the Ruiz case


Néstor Gómez EL TIEMPO, Private Archive

“Millionaires reports that weeks ago the player Luis Carlos Ruiz presented a tachyarrhythmia during training. Faced with this novelty, the medical staff decided to withdraw him from work for prevention and to refer him to studies with specialists “the club said.

“The player, who has been doing different jobs, has been given all the rigorous diagnostic tests and different studies with specialists in order to prevent any eventuality that puts his health at risk. Last week these studies were completed and the final results are awaited”, he added.

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