Millennium Song Finns love a hit song where the mother worships her baby and believes in God, but in reality Mariska’s mind at that time was a honey and an incredible hairy man

HS readers cast nearly 65,000 votes in a poll looking for the best lyrics of the 21st century. Second in the vote came the song Master Drawing from 2009 written by Mariska. This story sheds light on the story of the song’s birth.

The day the Creator made you

He didn’t do anything else

Woke up early, took the pen in his hand

You start to draw in it

“It didn’t go that way,” Mariska says on the phone, and my heart skips a beat.

I had written in my story for this summer series that what he said Master drawing find inspiration in the birth of a child.

“Originally Give the Tree the song released on the debut album tells, according to a general interpretation, of a parent’s wonder at watching a newly born child, ”the story said.



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