Millennium Song 20,000 votes cast: the HS vote is led by two copies, one “born at the paternity hormone heads” and the other not eligible for the textbook

Each of the 50 songs suggested by readers still has a chance to win, as the vote is extremely tight.

Vote The best lyrics of the 21st century are progressing. To date, about 20,000 votes have been cast.

As of this writing, the vote is led by the Apulanta paragraph Lights on the Edges of Darkness (2015). The song should have said Toni Wirtasen according to him, at his paternity hormone heads, he wrote emotional guidelines for the world’s unborn children.

The lights on the edges of the darkness / are sometimes dim and few / have an ocean-sized force inside you that you can use to harness.

“Lights at the Edges of Darkness is a very special song. It is a will, the sum of all that is learned. It’s clearly a break from the very cynical and sarcastic overall theme of our new Until It Came True album, ”Wirtanen said in the band’s press release at the time.

Bridge currently second in the vote is Mariskan said Master drawing (2009). It also finds its inspiration in the birth of a child. Originally Give the Tree the song released on the debut album tells, according to a general interpretation, of the parent’s marvel at watching the newly born child.

In 2016, the songwriter said on his blog, how he was asked to tell about the lyricist ‘s work for a new mother tongue textbook for schoolchildren. Mariska was also asked to have the lyrics in the book as a sample of her work.

The day the Creator did you / he didn’t do anything / woke up early, took the pen in his hand / started drawing in it.

However, the writing team interpreted the text as so confessional that it could not be included in the textbook. The songwriter himself wondered about it at the time on his blog.

“I was amazed. I was amazed. Is it true that the policies of schools on even the most religiously touching subjects are so strict today! Has the Creator become taboo? Can’t the name even be mentioned at school? Who are the teachers afraid of – the parents of the students, the education authorities, the non-religious, the unbelievers, huh? ”

Third the vote is for Scandinavian Music Group Do I still play banjo? (2007). Terhi Kokkonen the song tells of feelings after a ended relationship.

This is the last song / I will sing to you / its name is Too much and too late.

Vote however, continues. Each of the 50 songs suggested by readers still has a chance to win, as the vote is extremely tight. All but one of the songs can be listened to on Spotify Millennium song from the playlist. The list can also be found at the end of this story just below the vote.

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