Military exercises | The Navy learned a new lightning-fast capability against enemy ships: “Increase our reaction capability”

A record flight was flown in the Archipelago Sea: 18 Finnish and US military helicopters in the air at the same time.

in Finland rare military helicopter flights have been seen this week.

First, on Tuesday, the helicopter pilots of the Merivoimat and the Uti Jääkärirykment practiced in the Archipelago Sea a situation where a transport helicopter is used to lay a sea mine.

For the first time, Merivoimat also told the public about this kind of know-how. Mines are usually laid from ships.

On Wednesday, the Finnish NH90 transport helicopters from Uti took part together with US Marine Corps helicopters in an exercise where eighteen Finnish and US helicopters were in the air at one time.

Fourteen Finnish and American military helicopters in the Archipelago Sea have been captured in the picture taken by the Defense Forces.

Such part of the exercise, which goes by the name Big Lift, is probably the Finnish record for the number of helicopters at the same time. There are 20 NH90 helicopters in Finland, half of them were in the air at one time.

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Sea mine the calculation is not really related to the intense military training season that is going on.

“Aerial mining is not a new invention, it has been done for as long as airplanes have been able to carry them,” says the Naval Operations Chief, Commodore Juhapekka Rautava.

“On the scale of Finland, this kind of activity has recently been built and prepared, and now we thought that we could also tell the public about it.”

The idea behind aerial mining is speed. They can be used to quickly prevent the movement of ships in a certain sea area, while it would take many times the time to carry out similar mining on ships.

“This increases our responsiveness and increases the possibilities of using mines, which in turn provides protection for our own ships.”

He does not say how many mines can be taken on board or even what mines they are. The carrying capacity of the NH90 transport helicopter is in the order of a few tons, sea mines weigh a few hundred kilograms.

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In a record flight helicopters were used to transport troops of the Navy’s emergency unit and US Marines to the island of Russarö. The Marine Corps had Chinook, Black Hawk, Viper and Venom helicopters.

“There was a tactical pattern in which the island of Russarö was taken over. We also got the American helicopters to participate in the exercise, so there were eighteen of them in total,” he says.

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