Military exercises Extensive combat training of the Defense Forces brings troops carrying riot and assault rifles to Helsinki

The Sapeli 21 exercise can be seen in the zone extending from Helsinki to Hanko.

26.11. 11:32 | Updated 16:31

From Helsinki The combat exercise of the Defense Forces, which extends to Hanko, began on Friday and will continue next week.

1,350 conscripts, reservists and members of the Defense Forces from the Guards Regiment, the Armored Brigade and the Army School will take part in the exercise. At the same time, a Navy exercise is underway.

In addition to the training and firing ranges of the Defense Forces, the troops also move elsewhere on public and private lands. That means those living nearby can prepare for the uproar.

There is also no need to frighten soldiers in full combat gear and an assault rifle with them.

Training appears in Helsinki, Vantaa, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi, Raseborg and Hanko 3.12. until. In Helsinki, exercises are held in Vuosaari, Lauttasaari, South The Hague and Malmi, among others.

In Western Uusimaa, however, more of the training sites are in the military area. Even in Helsinki, Santahamina is practiced every day, but from time to time there is also more movement in front of other people.

Schedule of exercises in Helsinki

  • Fri 26.11. Santahamina

  • Sat 27.11. 06-24 Santahamina

  • Sun 28.11. 06–24 Santahamina, Old Town and Vuosaari

  • Mon 29.11. 06–24 Santahamina, Vuosaari, Etelä-Haaga, Lauttasaari, Laajasalo and the Old Town

  • Tue 30.11. 06–24 Santahamina, Vuosaari and Laajasalo

  • Wed 1.12. 06–24 Santahamina, Vuosaari and Laajasalo, Malmi, Roihupelto and Tuomarinkylä

  • To 2.12. 06-24 Santahamina

  • Fri 3.12. 06-24 Santahamina

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