Migration Italian ex-Interior Minister Matteo Salvin has been charged with abduction

Behind the charges is Salvin’s decision to leave more than 100 immigrants abandoned at sea.

In Italy ex-interior minister and leader of the right-wing populist Lega party Matteo Salvinia have been charged with kidnapping, according to Reuters.

The charges are based on Salvin’s decision in 2019 to block more than a hundred immigrants from entering the country.

The migrants were abandoned at sea because of the decision before Italian prosecutors ordered the seizure of the ship that carried them and the evacuation of the migrants.

Salvini could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. However, the trial is expected to take a long time, in addition to which he can appeal his possible verdict to even higher courts.

If Salvini is convicted, he would no longer be able to serve in the state.

As Minister of the Interior while acting, Salvini prevented many ships from entering Italian ports. He also often accused various aid and charities during his 14-month ministry of encouraging criminals to smuggle people.

On Saturday, Salvini tweeted about the decision to prosecute that he would face the charges upright.

“Defending the country is a sacred duty of the citizen (…) am I going to court for defending my country?”, Salvini has tweeted.

In full by surprise, the prosecution did not come, as the upper house of the Italian parliament, the Senate, removed Salvin’s indictment in February. The Senate also approved the trial of Salvin at the time. At the time, Salvini himself also said he wanted to be brought to justice.

Salvini withdrew his Lega party from the Italian government in the summer of 2019, with the intention of getting an early election to the country without success. However, the party is currently involving the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghin in a recent coalition government.

According to various polls, the Lega is Italy’s most popular party, although its popularity has fallen significantly.

The trial is scheduled to begin in the Sicilian capital, Palermo, on 15 September.

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