Midsummer Police prepare for Midsummer in the city: Hundreds gathered in Alpine Park on Thursday, police had to intervene in disruptive behavior

Police received reports of several disturbances during Midsummer, especially in city parks. “There have been all kinds of parties,” says Commissioner Juha Haapalainen.

Warm the weather and the beginning of midsummer holidays got people moving in Helsinki on Thursday night. The celebrants employed police in Helsinki, especially in parks and beaches.

Director-General, Commissioner Juha Haapalainen According to the Helsinki police, the police have had to intervene in disruptive behavior in several places in the city.

“Yes this is a pretty normal weekend night. The police have had quite a few tasks. There have been all kinds of parties all over the city, ”he says.

For example, according to police, an estimated 300 people had gathered in the Alpine Park on Thursday. Several assaults were also recorded in the park during the evening.

Although many head traditionally for Midsummer to the cottage, many seem to be left to spend Midsummer in the city this year.

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According to Haapalainen, the police are preparing for a larger-than-usual population in Helsinki.

In ordinary years, Midsummer events and festivals also attract people from the Helsinki metropolitan area. Now many events have been canceled. Himos Midsummer is the only big Midsummer festival in Finland this Midsummer.

“We are preparing for more and more people to celebrate Midsummer in the city as well,” says Haapalainen.

Although coronavirus restrictions have been relaxed and, for example, restaurants are currently allowed to be open at one o’clock, some partygoers spend midsummer outdoors, in parks and on beaches.

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Especially on weekends, parks have been chosen as gathering places. Helsinki police have recently had to evacuate partygoers from Sinebrychoff Park, Tervasaari and Mustikkamaa. The rubbish left by the partygoers has also disturbed the residents of the areas.

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Midsummer the celebration is also affected by the weather. On Midsummer’s Eve, the weather in most parts of the country is beautiful and rainy.

Temperatures are expected to remain high, but heat readings like the beginning of the week are not known.



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