Middle East Israel continued air strikes on Gaza at night

This week’s attacks are the first since a ceasefire was reached between Israel and the Palestinians a month ago.

Israel the air force has continued air strikes on Gaza between Thursday and Friday night. The Armed Forces reports on Twitter.

A reporter for news agency AFP in the Gaza Strip says he has heard explosions in the cities of Gaza and Khan Yunis. There was no information about personal injuries in the media until early in the morning.

The armed forces justify the attack in response to fuel balloons flown from the Gaza Strip to the Israeli side. The Israeli Armed Forces is one of the most powerful in the world.

Israel the air force struck early on Wednesday on the blocked Gaza Strip for the first time since a ceasefire was reached between Israel and the Palestinians a month ago.

A month ago at least 260 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died during the breaks.

The attacks on the Gaza Strip, some two million people, were the first since the Israeli Parliament approved the Prime Minister Naphtali Bennettin led by a new governing coalition on Sunday.

Earlier this week, the Israeli armed forces said the targets and meeting places used by “terrorist actors” have been targeted.

Britannian broadcaster BBC has published an image showing plain, colorful balloons with some material attached to the hands of men covering their faces. The media writes that in recent years, helium balloons and kites with fuel and explosives attached have been sent from Israel to the lane.

Qatarilaismedia al-Jazeera describes in a story published in August that balloons are attached together and bound with flammable material. When the wind is favorable, the balls are sent off.

AFP says the balloons are meant to light wildfires on farmland on the Israeli side.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz writes that no one has been reported injured in Thursday’s ball attacks.

Haaretz writes that after the attacks on Gaza at night, alarming sirens sounded from rockets in Israeli locations near the lane. However, the Israeli armed forces did not detect the rockets, the newspaper said. AFP reports that after the airstrikes, militant fighters from the extremist organization Hamas fired machine guns at Israeli areas.

More than a decade the continued blockade affects the daily lives of Palestinians in Gaza. The British charity Oxfam wrote a few years ago, in Gaza, for example, one million Palestinians do not have enough food for their families.



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