Middle East Finnish Mission cut funding from Palestinian organization for children’s rights, due to Israeli terrorist allegation

“We ran out of conditions to continue the cooperation,” says Rolf Steffansson, Executive Director of the Mission Society.

Development- and the Finnish Mission, which is doing missionary work, will stop funding from the Palestinian organization DCIP, the Reuters news agency reported on Friday. DCIP is a non-governmental organization defending children’s rights.

The Broadcasting Association made its decision as early as the end of October. The reason is that the Israeli Ministry of Defense has declared six organizations operating in the West Bank to be terrorist organizations. Also on the list is DCIP, which stands for Defense for Children International – Palestine.

“We ran out of conditions to continue the cooperation,” said the Executive Director of the Mission Society Rolf Steffansson To HS on Friday night.

Mission Society is a mission and development organization under the Lutheran Church with an annual budget of approximately EUR 25 million and operations in 30 countries. Since 2015, the Mission Society has supported the work of DCIP with approximately 30,000 euros per year.

According to Israel, the DCIP has links to the Palestinian organization PFLP, which has been identified by the United States and the European Union as a terrorist organization.

Israel has not provided any evidence to substantiate its claims.

“This is now a question of the declaration of the state of Israel,” Steffansson estimates.

“We don’t know what evidence they rely on [israelilaiset] are. However, the state declaration is a pretty strong thing. ”

“Such a declaration could affect banking connections, for example.”

Steffansson according to the Mission, other projects could be hampered if support for DCIP were continued.

“Such a declaration can affect banking connections, for example. After all, banks are obliged to monitor the connections and financial transactions of the organizations. ”

The Mission cooperates with a total of 5-6 organizations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

“We will continue to work with many other actors. This includes peace education, youth leadership training, support for children at risk of exclusion, and women’s and youth work. “

What about what would be the condition for revoking the decision on DCIP?

“The precondition is that we can act publicly and openly, including informing and sending support without hindrance.”

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