Middle East BBC: A tanker hijacked in the Gulf of Oman has been ordered to sail to Iran

The hijacking is suspected in Iran, which has denied guilt.

In the Gulf of Oman whereas the bitumen-carrying Asphalt Princess hijacked by armed attackers has been ordered to move to Iran, tells the BBC. According to the BBC, this is confirmed by a business information service specializing in the maritime sector Lloyd’s List Maritime Intelligence.

According to media reports, nine armed men boarded the ship as it approached the Strait of Hormuz. The identities of the attackers have not yet been confirmed, but the perpetrators of the attack are suspected by the Iranian armed forces. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has argued that the information is untrue and an excuse for foreign powers to justify hostile actions against Iran.

According to the BBC, the Panamanian-flagged Asphalt Princess is owned by a Dubai-based company whose other ship was also hijacked by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps two years ago.

Under a week earlier, an oil tanker operated by an Israeli company was attacked in the area by an apparently unmanned aircraft. A suspected plane crash on a ship called Mercer Street killed two crew members in the Indian Ocean. The ship was en route to the United Arab Emirates.

Iran was blamed for the attack that caused the deaths of two guards. The country denied its involvement.



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