Mexico returns to require visas for Brazilians after migration crisis

Mexican army patrols an area in Tijuana used for illegal crossing of the US border.| Photo: EFE/Joebeth Terriquez

The Mexican government’s Regulatory Improvement Commission (Conamer) published a draft on Thursday that will resume the tourist visa requirement for Brazilians visiting Mexico. The decision comes during a migration crisis that has been pressing the border between Mexico and the United States. According to the newspaper The globe, the requirement will be temporary, until the migratory flow is regularized, and the Brazilian government has already been notified, but the measure will only take effect 15 days after publication in the Mexican Official Gazette, which has not yet occurred.

The number of Brazilians using Mexico as a springboard to illegally enter the United States soared in 2021. From January to September of this year, US border patrols caught 47,484 Brazilians, against just 9,147 in the same period in 2020. The North President American, Joe Biden, has been criticized from all sides for handling the migration crisis. The more radical wing of the Democratic Party criticizes the treatment given to Haitians trying to enter the country; moderate Democrats say the government doesn’t do enough to stop migrants from reaching the border; and Republicans claim that Biden’s policies encourage illegal immigration.

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