#metoo | Teemu Bergman has filed a criminal report for defamation in the Punkstoo court

The soloist of the Punk band Pää Kiin has crumpled in Punkstoo and canceled the gigs of all their bands. According to Bergman’s lawyer, Bergman has filed a criminal report for a gross defamation against him.

Punk band Head to China soloist Teemu Bergman has been in the midst of a stir for a couple of weeks when several reports of harassment in punk circles published on his Punkstoo account were merged with him.

Bergman has since canceled all of his appearances.

Bergman’s lawyer Hannu Kaitaluoma says Bergman has filed a criminal report for a gross defamation against him. There will probably be another crime report coming up with the same title.

“It is not possible to comment further on the content of the request, as the request is accompanied by confidential documents. However, this is a post in the Punkstoo account, ”Kaitaluoma tells HS by e-mail.

Bergman commented on the band’s Facebook page on July 19th. He apologized for his misconduct, but denied the criminal charges against him.

The release was later updated with the announcement that all the gigs of the band have been canceled. The gigs of other Bergman bands have also been canceled since then.

The Punkstoo account has since deleted all reports from the account. There is only one publication left stating that “our goal has been achieved and a discussion on the internal problems of punkskenen has begun”.



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