Memoir Saara Jouppi 1927–2021

Judge, gymnastics teacher Saara Jouppi (os Rauhala) died in Seinäjoki on October 22, 2021. He was 94 years old, born in Ilmajoki on February 7, 1927.

Already in his youth, Jouppi showed activity and a willingness to participate, especially in sports. At the age of nine, he joined the Lots and worked for Lotta for some time before the organization was dissolved.

As a student Jouppi wrote in 1947. As the hostess of the South Ostrobothnian Association.

Baseball was his favorite sport at the time, and his success in the Finnish national game was excellent. In 1948, Jouppi was awarded the best West player in the East-West match for students.

In Helsinki she met her future husband Jussi Joup. The marriage took place in 1954.

Although had strong roots in Southern Ostrobothnia, after graduating, the young teacher had to start gaining work experience elsewhere in accordance with the vacancies at the time. Jouppi ended up as a teacher at the Joensuu Girls’ High School in 1950–1952. She auscultated at the Helsinki Girls’ Normal Lyceum in 1952.

The following jobs were found in Southern Ostrobothnia: she taught at Ilmajoki Co-educational School in 1952–1955 and at the Seinäjoki Girls’ High School in 1955–1961. The children of the family were born in 1956 and 1958.

At the turn of the decade, Saara Jouppi stayed home from her work as a teacher to take care of the children and the large two-phonetian Ostrobothnian house in Joup’s family, and to participate in representations with her husband Jussi Joupi.

Homeland affairs were close to Sarah Joup’s heart. Crafts and gardening were very enjoyable at all times. He kept in touch with school activities by participating in the activities of the Seinäjoki Lyseo Parents’ Council for many years.

As the children grew up, Jouppi started working as a juror. In recognition of his long and meritorious work as a joiner, he was awarded the title of Judge in 1980. From 1985 onwards, the dear lake scenery of Lake Kuorasjärvi changed to the shores of the Mediterranean in Spain during the winter.

Family, family and friends were very close to Sarah Joup. She was known as a strong Ostrobothnian woman whose values ​​emphasized justice and straightforwardness.

As a mother, grandmother to six grandchildren, and as a spouse, she took good care of herself.

Lauri Jouppi

The author is the son of Saara Joup.

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