Memoir James Levine was a great orchestra builder – the pandemic permanently blocked his return after being fired on harassment charges

Several men reported abuse during their teens, but after being fired, Levine netted millions from the Metropolitan Opera through a lawsuit.

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Significant conductor James Levine died after long-term health problems on March 9 at his home in California. He was 77 years old, born on June 23, 1943.

With more than 40 years of hard work as the artistic director of the New York Metropolitan Opera, Levine made its orchestra the most unified and best in the city, much said in the hometown of the New York Philharmonic. He was also an excellent practitioner of star singers and a skilled pianist.

Metropolitan’s repertoire was quite old-fashioned, but Levine shone like that In Wagner, In Verdi, In Puccini than with newer music. As chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, and especially of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, he also excited the symphonic repertoire into the pinnacle of the most intricate modernism, until Parkinson’s disease and other health problems forced him to leave Boston and even caused years of absence in New York.

Personally Levinen’s top performances, such as Wagner’s, have been remembered Nibelung ring -the director of tetralogy at the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, a fine concert of American modernism with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and some unforgettable interpretations of Wagner and Puccini at the New York Metropolitan.

Levine may not have been the most original conductor, but at best, everything sounds appealingly full-bodied and balanced. Sibeliusrecordings with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra were admittedly overly plush.

Even by name according to the allegations made, he was guilty of sexual harassment and exploitation in various decades. In 2017, four men reported this happening when they were teenagers.

In 2018, the Boston Globe increased the pressure by saying that as a young conductor, he led students into cult-like sex practices while building the “Philharmonics of God”.

After commissioning an investigation from an outside law firm, the Metropolitan Opera considered that it had received sufficient information about the inappropriate conduct and dismissed him. However, Levine took the matter to court and demanded that the Metropolitan Opera be convicted of breach of contract and defamation. He ended up settling the matter for more than three million euros in compensation.

After his kicks, he set about planning a return to the stage in Italy, but the pandemic was interrupted and the concert was canceled.

Last year, Levine married in silence his long-term roommate and often called his best friend Suzanne Thompson with.

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