Melissa Martínez had a tense grip with Fabián Vargas on a live program


Melissa Martinez

Mwlissa Martinez and Fabian Vargas.

Mwlissa Martinez and Fabian Vargas.

Crossing of arguments between the journalist and the ex-soccer player.

Melissa Martinezthe presenter and journalist who is a panelist on the ESPN Show program on ESPN Colombia had a tense moment live this Wednesday.

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During the development of the program, Melissa argued strongly with the former soccer player Fabian Vargasin one of the most tense moments of the program, which is characterized by being of opinion and debate.

reason for contention

Melissa Martínez confessed that she is very judicious in the gym.


Instagram: @melissamartineza

In this edition of the program, injuries to soccer players and the repercussions in international tournaments were discussed. It was there that the controversy originated. Then he continued when they talked about the leadership of Chicó.

Melissa argued with Vargas because, according to her, the former player did not let her speak in defense of her ideas during the debate in question. “It’s called chivalry,” Melissa said.

Vargas raised his voice and responded in the same vein, telling him that she did not let him speak either, “We are in a debate.”

It was a tense moment that marked the development of the program, since later in their interventions they were already on the defensive.

It is not the first time that both are involved in harsh discussions about the topics of debate on the program.

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